Serve organization of basic level party limits is outspread to a gleam of, ” of antenna of “ of activity of on-the-job Party member outspread to outside working 8 hours. Cai of secretary of Beijing municipal Party committee is strange, chen Jining of vice secretary of Beijing municipal Party committee, mayor, li Wei of director of standing committee of Beijing National People’s Congress, the city class leader such as Jilin of chairman of Beijing the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference is the first, unit of e北京ktv出台费ducation of the first batch of themes of whole town and on-the-job Party member in succession thorough community (village) begin “ double report for duty ” . Up to now, city belongs to organization of party of unit of 9000 many legal person, 720 thousand much more on-the-job Party member to already 北京丰台区500 场的ktvanswered apanage entirely (living ground) market native place, community (village) report for duty, come actively to enter community activity service, actively, listen attentively to proposal of opinion of basic level masses, item-by-item to rectify and reform solve real difficult problem, make dweller masses cogent feel the effect that teachs to the theme.  A gleam of that comes actively to serve masses reports for duty on July 8 morning, cai Ji comes east the city zone hands in road junction to community of street Fu Xiang reports for duty and attend “ rubbish to classify propagandist day ” and “ not to forget first heart, with red of —— of motherland person of the same trade the theme explains to public activity of direct meeting ” . He says, heart mission should be engraved in the hea北京延庆按摩店rt first, should fall more in really specific action. Should combine thematic education to deepen “ double report for duty ” , produce effect of type of Party member van, make from oneself, beside the thing is made, the thing that cares from common people is made, community of thorough basic level, service, build home more bonnily, build the city more fitting room. The city class leader such as Chen Jining, Li Wei, Jilin arrives respectively the community that oneself contact (village) report for duty and enter an activity. The eye is down, the footstep is close. Leader is in city is driven, “ double report for duty ” job is deepened further, city office is enterprise or business unit and the route that the Party member serves community widen ceaselessly, right first of heart and mission stand fast to blend in daily a bit ceaselessly. “ double report for duty ” activity should go straight towards people most concern is the most pressing most the problem that expect goes. In the light of 12345 citizens service hot line mirrors outstanding property to manage a problem, city lives build appoint collective of leading group member appeals to to masses beg the more Ou Yongshun that tell a state to press down “ of community of rich river garden double report for duty ” , around property price of attune of cost of special maintenance fund, property, village jockeys, course of study appoint can establish wait for outstanding issue to have spot survey and have an informal discussion. Community (village) also be chance with thematic education, abound activity of on-the-job Party member ceaselessly. East the city zone east 4 street south “ of organization of community Party committee does not forget door storehouse first heart, remember activity of mission ” volunteer service well, will on-the-job Party member differentiates to help deficient aid the volunteer such as conduct propaganda of service of tired, medical treatment, education service, policy to serve maniple, essence of life serves justice examine, tonsorial, rubbish to classify the service such as guidance for the dweller definitely. “ double 顺义ktv价格表report for duty ” system, offerred another post that serves the heart at the beginning of travel of masses, carry out for on-the-job Party member. Party members express, no matter be one’s job post or community service, want to work drily, actively self-consciously, walk on duty to a gleam of that serves masses responsible. Listen attentively to the tru北京按摩论坛e state of affairs of masses aspirations examine to look for difference to understand the actual situation, ability is civilian solution care truly. Unit of education of the first batch of themes and on-the-job Party member “ double report for duty the important channel that ” regards a gleam of of thorough basic level as to listen to an opinion to suggest, way of force of difference, clear hair is found in understanding the public feelings, process that masters the true state of affairs. Bureau of city cultural relic is taking a problem to arrive hand in road junction community of street Fu Xiang reports for duty, around rain much channel of job of reparative punish promotion collects alley cadre masses opinion, enter already door listen to dweller aspirations, organize again hold couplet dinner informal discussion, let speak out freely of cadre of street community Party member, the spot makes clear responsibility place room in the light of the problem, one by one claim, essence allows a butt joint, clutch fulfil. A gleam of of thorough basic level, ability discovers true problem. City straight office is versed in appoint Party member cadre with “ double report for duty ” is chance, thorough community begins survey, participate in community activity 64 times early or late, seek basic level actively to improving office style of work, reduce the respect opinion such as basic level burden to suggest 6. Do not forget the heart is mixed first mission, must rely on people closely, do obeisance to masses self-consciously to be numerous study of division, Xiang Qun. Total company of collaboration of city supply and marketing is in “ double report for duty the good experience that community party acquired to build in ” . Relevant chief says, we also should develop specialty of individual of Party member masses and professional dominant position adequately, policy is begun to explain in the enterprise, the dispute mediation, side that help deficient up is tired wait for the job, strengthen a party to build at the same time as shirt-sleeve as business work deepness. Stand all right change think civilian responsible effect examines “ of educational actual effect does not forget first heart, remember mission ” theme well to teach, postmortem issue is crucial, rectify and reform fulfilling is a purpose. Unit of education of the first batch of themes and on-the-job Party member are in “ double report for duty ” backbone holds a problem to direct, know to change namely namely, stand all right change, think civilian profit, for civilian responsible real operation examines the theme teachs actual effect. The ‘12345 citizen that we are the spot serves “ hot line ’” , the leading group is in city market superintendency bureau &ldqu延庆 ktvo; double report for duty ” place Haidian is street a word when have an informal discussion of the community austral the road austral Haidian, caus密云蓝尊ktve enthusiastic applause. This “ double report for duty in ” activity, elevator of 8 4 2 buildings that city market superintends spot of cadre of bureau Party member to solve a dweller to put forward, buildings, buildings contracts management, trouble is much wait for a problem, detailed to belonging to the market to superintend the problem of limits notes, help puts in buccal butt joint ‘s charge. The forest that is located in “ to answer world region ” is old dweller of home community discovers surprizingly recently, the caution light of crossing of adjacent and public transportation station shined again, ambiguous road zebra crossing is applied afresh delimited, year long the road of disrepair also gets nap afresh. These problems are a hair group place belongs to unit leading Party group to knit community “ double report for duty to discover in ” and be coordinated those who solve. Similar new change still occurs in go in for sth in a large scale Ou Boxing is street He Ronghua is street. Cadre of Party member of development of Beijing economy technology begins “ in two street community double report for duty ” , emphasize research and solved environmental sanitation difference, dweller to give the issue such as an inconvenience, service center 延庆有足疗按摩吗of community of insufficient to personnel staff, developing zone is not devoted use wait for a problem to undertake Zhang supervises and direct hanging. “ double report for duty ” job mechanism, widened thorough community attends activity, connection masses, service masses, master the public feelings, method that solves a problem, party member cadre heart mission blends in basic level to administer a gleam of first, formed a party to build lead build in all study the vivid situation that share in all.


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