Enter since summer, river lake excursion is wild angling citizen grow in quantity, although management department repeated orders prohibits this kind of behavior, but adventure of the person that still have “平谷好的spa audacious ” . Recently, the reporter sees around reservoir of the Ming Tombs, somebody crosses double deck crawl to swim to library area. Reservoir controller expresses, case of area of reservoir water conservancy project is complex, in last few years in be addicted to of the person that have excursion continuously dies incident happening, but strengthen no matter perambulatory dissuading still is consolidate is added surround high block, wild swim wild angle behavior still is banned repeatedly more than. Reservoir periphery has safe close water district to suit recreational recreation, hope the citizen is mixed for oneself safety reservoir environment, do not want adventure. Wild swi御都桑拿m wild angle search exciting reservoir to protect column to be gathered up to rot reservoir of the Ming Tombs is located in Chang Ping area, build at going up century 50 time, besides prevent or control flood, waterpower, it ever also was sightseeing of Beijing collect travel, recreational go vacationing reach education the travel resort at an organic whole. But from 2008 later, its original travel function is weakened gradually, facilities facilities cancels You Le. But enter every year summer, distance urban district only the reservoir of the Ming Tombs of 339 kilometers or meeting attract many citizens to solve heat to enjoy the cool. Cross block of the barrier, clipping, many people disregard dangerous caution card to ente北京海淀区西翠路按摩r reservoir to swim, go angling, camp on the edge even, barbecue. On July 8 morning, the reporter comes to reservoir of the Ming Tombs, big horn broadcasts safety to remind ceaselessly near library area large dams, prohibit people crosses baluster to enter the water swim, go angling. Entrance door of large dams side tightens a lock, inside and outside of crawl of the metal on reservoir edge installed two, anew old rate looks should be not contemporaneous installation, have repair changing trace ceaselessly. A few meters are lain between to have caution card on the barrier, there is “ to prohibit above all attaint baluster, behavior that protects a net, prohibit go angling, swim wait for the activity on water. The model of written characters of ” . But even if is such, lying between crawl gadarene look, still see somebody swim and fish in reservoir. Near large dams, two men had swum to come up from reservoir, among them one person is taking natant group, 2 people took a paragraph of route 顺义中医按摩down crawl, it is relatively good to find one place crossed place, mutual help is worn had turned over baluster, “ you want to come over, go forth again, there is break in front, can get. ” among them one man points to a road to the reporter. They profess to be brought up around reservoir, often be here accompany swims, had lasted a lot of years, “ depth of water is worn, but we can swim, have nothing to do. ”The reporter in visitting encounters car of a project to be in exercise, two workers are changing protect column, having tearinging open the protects the reporter on column to see one is destroyed to cause artificially large hole below, worker introduction “ passes on the weekend, a lot of places can be gathered up to rip hole, people from here toward run the drilling tool into the well. He points to ” the flaw that protects column to go up tells a reporter, break up to protect column too more, it is the brow with multifarious wood, going directly is surface, but still many parents are taking dot to take a risk to enter. Reservoir fishs the spot sells edge of tourist butcher water to wash all the time along travel of reservoir north road, also can see many small retailer that place booth to manage in roadside. Squirt of snacks fruit, natant circle, flue, have everything that one expects to find. According to faker people introduce, arrive on the weekend, come to the illicit home of amuse oneself the car discharges a cue in reservoir north road, som北京陪游女联系方法e cars are flat stop in roadside, the person has turned over the barrier to the side of water to play. Leave large dams area northwest before make an appointment with two 3 kilometers all right, the reporter finds a farmhouse courtyard that says to be able to offer tourist barbecue, need to spend 10 yuan of money only, drive to be able to reach water limit. Outside there are desk of stone of about 339 pieces of open airs and canopy of barbecue of a few iron sheets inside farmhouse courtyard, hire. Although be Zhou Yi, but still many people are in busy barbecue picnic. A few youths claim company group is built, crouch in water edge the live fish that just buying in processing, scale, splanchnic, a head is thrown in water. And the person of live fish of water edge sale, delimiting rubber boat comes and go at reservoir surface, the boat held fish of a few loach, crucian carp in the bucket that go up, he says he lives around, early in the morning comes out to scoop up a fish, “ this is feral, there is ” in the city. The reporter seeks advice from farmhouse courtyard operator with client identity, the other side says the heat that barbecue supplies inside the courtyard is environmental protection furnace, lampblack is put through handling back row, the furnace that tells a reporter “ had better not take him will bake, outdoor barbecue can draw on a city to be in charge of ” . Area of water conservancy project is banned stand by be addicted to to die accident in successive years happens yesterday, management of reservoir of the Ming Tombs is in chief engineer Yang Qitao to express when accepting a reporter to interview, reservoir basically is assuming prevent or control flood, store water to generate electricity at present function. Arrive the summer, the citizen has an outing to kiss the demand of water, but move normally to make sure safety of water conservancy project is mixed, area of water conservancy project is to prohibit tourist close. Area of water conservancy project ba房山ktv公主rs namely the river large dams, flood discharge canal, gate, mouth that remove water. The reporter sees the area that has crawl keep out is area of water conservancy project namely, keep out area also includes a sector of an area of strategically located and difficult of access of force of and other places of cliff of periphery of annulus lake road, because its landform case is complex, produce casualty accidents extremely easily. Yang Qitao explains, this is the safety that should assure water conservancy project on one hand, more important is the person safety that should assure a citizen. “ is in especially flood season, reservoir has the possibility of flood discharge, water level rises, flow is rapid, swim to appear very easily wild drown, breakneck, the tragedy that because this dies,has had a tourist in last few years produces ” . Yang Qitao says, arrive every year from April October, administrative office adds clique hand to patrol dissuade come excursion is wild angling citizen. In addition, it is complex and easy that landform is reached in periphery of area of reservoir water conservancy project the place of occurrence danger, layer upon layer metal is surrounded block, and majority is surrounded block upper part to add installed prevent to search climbing area thorn defends column, but these did not hold back a few people completely to enter, protect column to be produced from time to tome by the clipping, case that breaks a turn, &ldq北京陪游女一般多少钱uo; management handles every time is repair and 北京火焰ktvchange protect column to be about to spend several yuan of ” . Place of safety is accessibly barbecue of open air of water amuse oneself prohibits strictly swimming to the citizen happy demand, yang Qitao says, citizen “ should abide by river lake to manage the legal laws and regulations related protection only, in safeguard oneself safety and the premise that do not destroy water area environment fall, fish with a hook and line of section of water conservancy project, amuse oneself is not in library area periphery is possible ” . Be in however tourist busy season, courtyard of a few farmhouse ever had appeared the action that yacht holds barbecue of guest, open air to wait not to accord with a regulation, the much branch such as canal of city of apanage of combination of office of government of reservoir of the Ming Tombs, environmental protection ever also spread out combination to execute the law investigate afore-mentioned action. Nevertheless, occupy many citizens to mirror, reservoir edge still courtyard of a few farmhouse is done provide the outdoor barbecue, business that carries a guest to play to water upper reaches with mosquito craft yacht. Yang Qitao tells a reporter, summer vacation time is to investigate key period of time, they will be uninterrupted go on a tour of inspection executes the law. In addition he also appeals a citizen, treasure life, to the Ming Tombs reservoir should administer a regulation according to library area, to appoint place amuse oneself. Recreation wants measurable, loosen the mood while do not forget to protect environment, care to share home.


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