On July 7, beijing “ paraplegia person Wen Jun of domestic ” patriarch is in because Yunnan Dali is trouble-free the passageway is taken up by illicit home car, next dying fall from 2 meters of altitude when seeking a way. Of special group trouble-free give a problem to cause network heat to discuss. Recently, new capital signs up for discovery of a few road of Beijing of reporter seek by inquiry, bazaar, park, existing trouble-free establishment existence construction is unreasonable, use non-standard, be occupied, be blocked to wait for a lot of problem. It is common and normal that path of 1 road blind is occupied the Sun Qing that goes sad also to be engaged in the blind massaging is in ave of food market mouth goes to work near 6 courtyards. He tells a reporter, everyday most those who be anxious is to go to work come off work. Inn of a vehicle repair is outside inn, always car takes up blind. “ is going many times, bump to the car, I threw one Jiao, still be scolded not long look, in the heart very afflictive. ”Reporter seek by inquiry from time to tome car advocate say, long car stops without the place, just put on shortcut temporarily. Which have “ so much blind with blind. ” this car advocate not worry at all. The reporter sees the household that also has around village, put the car on shortcut after come off work. “ car nervous, put temporarily, leave in the morning. ” a car advocate say. In Jin Fang the alternate mouth of street and ave of bridge of peace and tranquility is in, putting a few to share bicycle. The car 北京 桑拿 微信stops in stand by the position that protects column, the wheel is pressed in blind after on the road. The reporter notices, park is not delimit share bicycle park office. Because makeshift road is very narrow, after bicycle park, can allow one person to pass constrainedly only. In addition, reporter discovery, the ramp of predestined relationship stone on road is built very at will. Ramp of predestined relationship stone is municipal road get on additionally one kind common trouble-free establishment, be located in footpath mouth or pedestrian crosswalk two end, convenient “ wheelchair a group of things with common features a kind of ramp that ” enters footpath. In magnetism implement horn of buccal crossing southeast, pedestrian crosswalk crossing a street and road side shortcut hand in meeting place to do not have ramp, also guide without blind path bring, give birth to unripe driveway forcedly to be in a of pedestrian crosswalk along Shi Ding. But this pedestrian crosswalk is in more than 10 meters southward, built a ramp of coarse predestined relationship stone however. That is to say, “ wheelchair a group of things with common features ” needs to arrive down this ramp on blame motor-driven driveway, walk along ten meters down driveway next, ability has been to a driveway to zebra crossing. It is this crossing likewise, arrange 200 meters of place eastwards, ramp of predestined relationship stone is blocked up dead by car of a senile ride instead of walk, became a decoration. News of clew of crossing traffic light is bad discern the blind goes out row besides should walk along blind to, crossing a street also is indispensable. But if traffic light crossing is done not have,clew sound passes low, can bring about a lot of blinds to cannot pass crossroad smoothly independently. As we have learned, beijing is in since 2002 area of scene of commercial site, main main street, travel, public circumjacent road installed traffic light clew sound. On July 11, the reporter visits the 3 crossroad discovery on happy ave, size of clew sound volume is differ, jumbly the sound in wagon flow discerns hard, cause its function and cannot show. The traffic light of doorway of 109 middle schools has “ to toot toot toots toot toots ” hints sound, frequency of the sound when green light is tall, frequency of the sound when red light is low, but car a long time needs careful differentiate to listen. Mouth of happy ave north also has afore-mentioned same blind clew news, but take a route in the center of when, clew sound is flooded by noisy sound, do not listen completely. The traffic light that earths up new market and mouth of happy ave across does not have clew sound. Beijing makes tubal inning the position that staff member of 12122 services platform represents to be able to record traffic light, the report superior is treated. 2 market go trouble-free toilet obstacle is much on July 10, many large market of Beijing of reporter seek by inquiry discovers, basic form a complete set is trouble-free establishment, but because of be being made by move he is used, design not the problem such as week, trouble-free establishment uses the person “ that rise and cannot let need it truly trouble-free ” . Esteem article door rub bazaar of square shopping centers sets 4 class steps leading up to a house before a vertical ladder and without ramp, the person that wheelchair is used must enter market in the ability below other help. If want to bypass step, need to find bazaar outlet, the vertical ladder outside use bazaar. This shopping centers is proximate the subway, underground is interlinked one layer with subway exit, this is originally civilian meddlesome, but reporter discovery, subway station heads for bazaar road to go up, having a paragraph is the step that wheelchair spans hard, rise without vertical ladder or wheelchair fall platform. In search beautiful city, rub underground of store of trade of square shopping centers, Beijing Yintai center, nation layer, happy become a center, the toilet that the reporter sees these market all was not set trouble-free use the toilet an area or alone trouble-free toilet. Main in order to sit implement give priority to, but lie between a space narrow, cannot put down wheelchair, convenient without armrest also stand. The setting is trouble-free the bazaar of toilet, also cannot produce effect, be in for instance shopping centers of rich force squ成都伴游女微信are 2 buildings, independent trouble-free lock of the move on toilet, doorknob hand already damaged cannot use. In the country luck shopping centers, trouble-free toilet is become to make common toilet, the special mark turn a blind eye to of mouth of face each other of the person that use the toilet, men and women manages be answered place enjoyed “ cell ” . In addition the reporter notices, new world general merchandise, rub the bazaar first floor such as Yin Taizhong heart of square shopping centers, Beijing, Le Chengzhong heart all does not have toilet, the client needs to 2 go on layer or one ground of subterranean, and vertical ladder position relatively concealment, want to rely on to indicate card ability to seek pair of way, for the person that this goes to depending on wheelchair to go out, not convenient. Space of 3 old old villages is limited trouble-free establishment is difficult perfec北京顺义夜总会ktv招聘t Beijing many old old villages are pace ladder building more, add communal road to be taken up jockey, bring abo北京会所总监招聘信息ut a lot of “ it is difficult that ” of wheelchair a group of things with common features goes out. Rent building of oneself high-rise layer, hire building of a low layer to live again, the old people that became many action inconvenience and disabled are lifted helplessly. City north is spent east in on the west area, it is one builds at going up century the old old village of 90 time. Most dweller building is 6 tall, without elevator. Although unit doorway has the ramp that convenient wheelchair comes in and go out, but of partial ramp prevent slippery groove deeper, the dweller complains to the reporter, when wheelchair is passed special jolt, very unwell. A lady says, ceng Jian arrives have an old person loath move stands up take step, family is pu北京私人陪游shing empty wheelchair to walk along ramp. The illicit home vehicle that returns some ramp exit to be being stopped is blocked up dead, cannot use. In addition, path of the blind in the village is abrupt also and perfect, and the bicycle that majority is stayed by chaos, electric car is顺义良子按摩 held. City north is spent east in the area is resided on the west appoint meet a staff member the response says, parking space of old old village is nervous, the circumstance that ramp and blind path are taken up is common, solve very hard. Canal of beautiful city street town executes the law east the group also shows, “ car is too much, parking space of area of grown-ups and children is little, take up blind path is the thing that does not have method. ”In recent years, dweller of old old village is taller and taller also to the cry of elevator, but the owner with this whole and unit need agrees consistently to just can come true. east in beautiful city north on the west for the area, entire community 26 buildings, there are 14 buildings only in 68 unit two unit owner are reached consistent, joint-stock installed elevator. 4 parks entrance is “S” form Menyika stays in wheelchair park to have the door obviously, but the youth on wheelchair is left twisted right turn to try hard several minutes to also be entered do not go, the pedestrian platoon that awaits from the back had a group. The companion join forces of final youth raises wheelchair, just calculate entered a park. This is the one screen that Beijing University building and landscape designed colleger to design experience class to go up June this year, they were taking wheelchair to want to experience “ that day of ” of wheelchair a group of things with common features daily, but be in trouble-free facilities is extensive all-pervading Beijing, they still experienced an obstacle. Afore-mentioned places are yuan of big capital wall relics park is located in an entrance near peony garden to be in, reporter seek by inquiry discovers, the door submits “S” form, make an appointment with a meter high, bounty makes an appointment with half meters, some wheelchair just can be entered, but should be in cramped space bend, can be stayed in by card. The pram with a few largish bulk is blocked easily also by this “S” door. In pleasance passerby how-to below, reporter westerly finds 300 meters trouble-free passageway, iron chain with the door left unlocked is worn, the door can be opened. Clew card place shows this open time to be 6 when to 18 when, the others time opens the door need calls. The reporter dials place to show number, the other side says the summer locks up door time to be lengthened 19 when, if be beyond open time,period of time has special demand, need to call only can. Nevertheless, trouble-free the passageway is not every entrance around metropolis has, want to wall in yuan of big capital that submits long and narrow form relics park finds trouble-free passageway, “ wheelchair a group of things with common features ” or need are on hundreds of meters. In seek by inquiry, reporter discovery, beijing subway gives a side to special group the service is more perfect. Early on July 11 height, passenger of mouth of 4 lines food market is numerous, the member that guide inside the station says, come up against height of disabled morning and evening to go out row, they can provide a help. In addition, if want to wait with stair elevator 私人桑拿高级服务trouble-free establishment, can call ahead of schedule make an appointment, meet at the appointed time somebody provides a service. Firm of Beijing subway operation serves a hot line to express for the staff member of 96165, current, circuitry of operation of ne酒店桑拿设备twork of road of Beijing orbit traffic 18, operation station 334, station of each seat coach has corresponding trouble-free establishment, basically include to ascend ladder continuously, litre fall machine of path of equipment of call of platform, communication, blind, wide brake, trouble-free oriented label. The passenger that has demand can make an appointment ahead of schedule, offer for the passenger by station Wu personnel trouble-free make an appointment service. Still can carry call equipment or contact with station staff directly, the staff member will be offerred serve to relay of terminus whole journey from station setting out. Sound establishs citizen consciousness esteem is trouble-free Li Dihua expresses building of establishment Beijing University and associate professor of landscape design college, wen Jun’s accident makes popular feeling painful, he hopes this matter can cause a society to be opposite trouble-free establishment is occupied the attention of the problem. Li Dihua thinks, instantly is trouble-free what the problem of establishment does not depend on building is insufficient, respect it without the person however. Blind path is taken up, trouble-free the presence that establishment rejection uses an appearance, it is to execute the law the serious neglect one’s duty of superintendency branch. These “ problems are not solved, consider construction again much, also do not reflect piece trouble-free the action of establishment. ”Li Dihua expresses, want trouble-free establishment produces effect better, each citizen wants “ to come to his look as social citizen, want clarity to realise his social responsibility, want to know to restrain oneself behavior, the behaviour that can predict oneself can bring what kind of serious consequence, want to bear whole consequence. ”Right union makes sure establishment uses Beijing incomplete assist during Lv Zhengming of former deputy secretary-general is holding the position of Beijing National People’s Congress to represent, it is several times perfect and perfect trouble-free establishment phonates. Lv Zhengming feels, at present of Beijing trouble-free the environment gets very big improvement, but use degree and convenience rate fall somewhat. “ is compared some more consistent trouble-free toilet became storeroom, the name that perhaps defends in order to maintain is flat lock up. ” Lv Zhengming thinks is original establishment was not safeguarded on one hand, final damage cannot be used. On the other hand, newly-built place should be designed originally trouble-free establishment, it is ” reason oversight because of “ person however. This ‘ person is “ what I point to ’ is the ignored on the thought, the architect did not consider toward this respect. ”Lv contend citing, a lot of public enter to control car of bicycle, senile ride instead of walk to wait, the door the design becomes “S” entity, very no-go to the person that need uses wheelchair. Returned some square to hold segregation pen, special crowd is bad to enter. “ this is the situation that when I inspect, has encountered. ”Lv Zhengming puts forward, the idea that should combine with right will solve, law namely build and legal laws and regulations is used related comply with trouble-free establishment. Function branch should be the special group consideration such as old people, disabled more. In addition, society each respects, delegate of media, public, National People’s Congress should undertake supervisory to this, all-around perfect trouble-free give an environment.


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