“ park is so desolate, growing weed everywhere, too disappointed. The person that ”“ digs potherb is more than the tourist, this or scene area? ” enters summer vacation time, beijing gree都市豪情ktv石景山ted travel height. Become a citizen however according to various travel year ticket, year card, one cartoon, in spirits ground comes to area of a few scene, discover scene area is scanty however at management, scenery and experience are like person meaning very much. Flowers of careless overgrowth of barren of 10 thousand gardens digs beautiful faery thin the person compar密云哪家ktv有陪唱e a tourist to was written down recently more of potherb drives the beautiful faery that will be located in the area that tell a state 10 thousand gardens. Be informed according to the inquiry on the net, it is an international science and technology is planted here area of garden of course of study, major breeds seed of of all kinds plant, visiting area area makes an appointment with 449 square metre, scene area entrance ticket marks a price is 50 yuan. Come to park entrance when the reporter, did not see collect fees personnel, feel some are strange. Park gate to a road east side is a beautiful cropland, already some of blasted flowers is worn askew, a beautiful Tian Li is being planted a few flowerers, midsummer season grows however sparse, the weed the way corp is growing inside looks even more exuberant than cultivated painting of flowers and plants in traditional Chinese style. And the area is grown in a lawn, feral barnyard grass grass covers lawn almost, looking to give what plant originally in the ground is what plant. Roa杭州伴游经纪d northeast side also has a flowers to grow an area, there are a lot of potherbs inside, the reporter admits to among them common purslane waits. There are a few people to often bow picking up is worn in brushwood what. This thinking is scene area worker is weeding. Etc approach to look, it is the tourist that comes here to dig potherb so. Among them a lady tells a reporter, this park has come before her friend, discovery does not receive entrance ticket, and the potherb in the ground grows very exuberantly, then a few friends make an appointment to dig potherb to here, “ enters a park, discover as expected can dig casually, do not have a person to be in charge of at all. ”Park most in it is a vegetable plot, one fraction area is growing the vegetable such as tomato and cucumber, it is moorland for the most part. Tourist Ms. Qiu says, a few years she once was taking grandchildren to come here to play, park environment is quite good at that time, can view and admire flowers, also can pluck vegetable. But begin from 2018, scene area is more and more desolate, 10 thousand gardens of “ turned barren into careless garden. Go down so again, will play with respect to nobody. ”The reporter notices, beautiful faery 10 thousand gardens are included “ samite country to have a good swim for years home town ” year ticket and travel of Beijing ferry look forward to the tourist attraction of one cartoon. The day blossoms area of seascape area wilderness is more than attaint of establishment of area of beautiful sea garden to d北京桑拿天几月iscard on June 24, look forward to of ferry of reporter basis Beijing travels the introduction of one cartoon, will to day of Fang Shan area blossom seascape area. Enter south the door sees one place ramp, ramp east the plot that side is an on 1000 square metre, inside overgrow weed, only east half part can see few and far between flowers, it seems did not water very for long. Weed also is everywhere below ramp, show dimly a few lavender. The reporter continues along the alley with scene mid area northerly, see one place offers the ligneous summer house that the person rests, a few share ground of bicycle in disorder to pile up in the weed clump outside arbor, some had been held off by weed block. Reporter number, have many 30 bicycle about, already became rusty for the most part mark is full of stains or spots. The helianthus that there still are a more than 30000 square metres in scene area spends the sea. One person’s much taller wild wormwood is more flourish than helianthus. And, there still are a lot of coles to spend in helianthus flowers, already mature rapeseed was not reaped. A tourist that has kind of establish experience tells a reporter, probable be had not reaped rapeseed, plant again went up helianthus. Cultivate density to go against a plant to grow greatly too. Of scene area the upperest the move that be lain between by an abatis, the boreal side circumference of abatis inside hundreds of meters of limits, it is to had reclaimed the yellow land that comes out to had not grown anything. The eastpart part of scene area has one to be in iron to make mat-awning, the flowers all round is already sere hair is yellow. Arbor southwest side has one to be in wellhead, the valve it seems in wellhead has damaged, keep all the time outside gush water, ” of wet ground of a &ldquo北京音皇乐友汇ktv; was formed all round wellhead. The southeast side of this arbor is pond of a carry on one’s shoulder, a boat side pond of carry on one’s shoulder has sunk in water. The reporter is informed from inside the introduction of column of scene area conduct propaganda, “ day blossoms sea ” is the scene area that one place has on 1000 mus 厦门桑拿攻略of beautiful of great capacities. However actual condition is to see a pretty beautiful sea hard however, major area fireweed is fascicular, some not agree with solid. Look forward to of “ Beijing ferry travels the government-owned net of one cartoon ” shows, this calories are management of park of Chinese park association professional committee support is sponsorred, undertake by limited company of a science and technology. This calories of included scene division added up to 2018 163, include division of scene of 4 5A class among them, scene area amount still is increasing ceaselessly. Two garden apart arranges thing of garden of agriculture of hill of little boiling water ” of go astray of “ of 10 kilometers tourist experiences not beautifu平谷日月生辉ktvl is mirrorred according to the citizen, chang Ping ” is fallen in love with to travel toward “ before the reporter year of Xiaoshang that card recommends hill agriculture garden one dug unexpectedly. Culture of Chang Ping area and tourism bureau roll out “ falls in love with Chang Ping ” . On July 6, the reporter drives to be located in the prosperous by suitable Sha Lu to make the same score garden of agriculture of Ou Xiaoshang hill according to navigation directive. From garden area south the door is entered, those who see one is rebuilding is plastic big canopy, piling up on the side many construction material. Subsequently the reporter comes to a grapery, discover only a few 海淀远大路附近按摩grape fry bend over to go up in the ground, and weed however the way corp is growing is exuberant. Of grapery east side is an already sere oily cauliflower fry, meadow of a barren is to, gross area has 4000 square metre about, do not look to give the look of contemporary agriculture garden almost. After consulting on the net, the reporter just knows garden of agriculture of hill of little before boiling water has two garden area, the area is main visiting area east, the area is manufacturing division on the west, both differ about 10 kilometers. What the reporter goes is on the west area, though also can look around, but the effect sells at a discount greatly however. Strange is, the phone seeks advice before the reporter and enter scene zone time, explain without staff member clew. Still have ” of many tourist “ go astray. These coming the tourist that the area visits on the west thinks, even if manufacturing division, also cannot let a tourist feel the moorland that entered unmanned managing, hope garden area strengthens management, garden of agriculture of hill of little boiling water the area also builds garden of sightseeing of a distinctive on the west.


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