桑拿房的更衣柜尺寸 Draw near graduation season, have a batch of such undergraduates, abandon the rich and generous firewood fulfil, flourishing life that abandons big city, the basic level with choice difficult take root, choice returns to home town, they are the students of college of Beijing grain industry. 2019, college of Beijing grain industry has 57 to choose tone to be born will hurry off to the 17 provinces area such as Xinjiang, Tibet, Guangxi, Shaanxi, Gansu Province, the canto with open new life. Reporter of Beijing youth newspaper learns unripe obtain employment to coach the center learns from this school, in recent years, this school chooses tone to give birth to number year after year to rise. The condition with uncertain result was recorded to fall in partial province action 2019, had grown 40% than 2018, 5.3 times was 2016, among them the Party member is occupied 70% . Why can you have such choice? Boreal blueness signed up for a reporter to have a special report to these graduate, they use real operation proof, the place that needs most to the motherland goes, it is the choice with best graduate of a college. Li Bo: Abandon 400 thousand yearly salary devoting oneself to home town to develop Qing Yin: The destiny that changes a person is simple, the d大兴黄村的ktv有陪唱的话estiny that changes a 伴游很努力一个月能拿多少钱flock of people is difficult! Go in the construction that I think to only I participate in excellent native place personally, ability does the business that him more can do for the development of home town. The major of dominant position of engineering course male doctor, famous university, research that pursues forward position domain, publish SCI retrieval paper 10, application country invents patent a …… to be about to obtain the Li Bo of degree of doctoral record of formal schooling character, depend on excellent performance and condition, the obtain employment scope with favourable, broad development has been like pay the crucian carp of the river. What “ extends olive branch the first times to me is east wind day is produced, opening the yearly salary that give is 300 thousand, the 2nd be a Shenzhen is big a group of things with common features laser company, yearly salary adds up have 400 thousand + ……” however, stand in the crossroad of life, groups this guileless that goes all the way from Guangxi country is small, gave out however the result that a “ yields a person to cannot understand ” , abandon north going up wide deep, return home town, the choice is made from basic level, even if the salary of earning still has not been touched,read the allowance of rich. Such choice, be versed in to managing in north attend school 10 for the Li Bo that carry, not be temporarily actuation, however cogitative the life decision later. “ temporarily high pay, although can improve my life, but scan widely life, how can oneself value just come true? ” Li Bo tells north blueness signs up for a reporter, with the Guangxi that he has gone to Gui Ping is exemple, here has ” of uprise of “ gold field to wait for a顺义良子按摩 batch of high grade travel projects, but in form a complete set service, infrastructure is mixed publicize external on, still have very big improve a space, basic level current situation imposes auspicious condition of the country, for them these undergraduates provided best stage. The choice is done choose tone to be born, li Bo is not blind, during the university, he pays close attention to the development of national policy, home town actively to reform a circumstance not only, still carry out survey of thorough basic level through the society, the ideal that lets oneself is more hardheaded. Although, li Bo is during the doctor, had oneself plan already, but draw near graduation he just is mixed to family friend confide aspirations. Do not give anticipation, the resistance that Li Bo’s decision faces is not little. Li Bo’s home is in Guangxi country, 4 children in the home, two undergraduates, the time passes closely cling to. Sensible Li Bo, the country applied for to aid during undergraduate course learn loan, depend on remarkable success, below the support of country and school award stipend, not homeward in had wanted money one minute, complete oneself school work smoothly, become familial the first doctor, be expressed great expectations by family. “ family is the following to me the road has had a lot of to let one’s thought flow freely, hope I am OK lintel of financial freedom, brilliance, but do not include return to one’s native place to be made from basic level for certain. ” is in face those who come from family and friend to indissoluble even when obstruction, li Bo did not shake oneself idea, adopt the ” that “ is divided and attacks however, he and mother talk, talk with brotherly sister, make the job, list determination, talk about ideal, each “ checkmate ” , won the understanding of family and support finally. Sun Lu: Touch at ” touch China ” take root builds Qing Yin at basic level: Go basic level works to me it is a profession not only, it is one can let me all one’s life struggle for it more, the career of pour into enthusiasm. “ decides to go basic level works, not be an easy thing. I several evening were not asleep become aware, should strive for the chance that takes Beijing job with high salary, say not enchanted that deceives people. ” Ningxia picks key say when the heart road course that unripe Sun Lu of chemistry of industry of grain of unripe, north and chemical college Master is sharing her, that heart at the beginning of the portion makes her sturdy this choice. Sun Lu says, when just coming to the university on Beijing, somebody asks her whether “ rides a ca私人伴游价格mel to go to school even in Ningxia ” , she is dark in those days be determined, devote into after graduation build at home town, learn to let home town become better and better with place, also let more person understand Ningxia. Looking 2016 ” touch China ” when, this seed “ that the achievement that of the Qin Dynasty of undergraduate village official flies to lets her heart is medium gave birth to root ” , sun Lu tells north blueness signs up for a reporter, of the Qin Dynasty flies is Yale economics and the brilliant student with professional politics, after he graduates with outstanding achievement, did not go crossing state-owend enterprise course of study to do a white-collar, choose to answer motherland country service however. When the reporter asks why he chooses so, he says: I must get “ the common people that knows myself state, understanding has what kind of joys and sorrows of life among their life, ability learns a strong point to produce greater value with his place, the country that allows on大兴南海ktv报价eself becomes better ” . This story is right of Sun Lu touch very big, she also hopes she can fly to do bit of significant thing for people euqally like of the Qin Dynasty. Before you can say Jack Robinson, career of graduate student study is about to end, graduating when the station when the fork crossing of this one life, sun Lu still stands fast first heart, abandon taking the chance of Beijing, the selection goes building the little village of home town. “ thinks of to choose tone to give birth to basic level to serve when me what be faced with possibly two years is a country when difficult living conditions, in my heart did not fear, can have small longing instead, ” Sun Lu says, go basic level works, it is the place that her dream begins, also be the way with implementation individual best value, she can cherish this rare opportunity, masses of thorough basic level, service. To her, this will be a profession not only, can let her work and fight all life more, the career of pour into enthusiasm. Wang Yi: The long-cherished wish that the bosom puts grandfather is far go to border area to be a country effectiveness Qing Yin: I hope to carry my option, let more person see 95 after take on, regard qualification of career of Chinese characteristic socialism as builder and reliable successor, we won’t disappoint this times. Never have been to Tibet, do not know to whether have downy reaction, know nothing about Tibetan language, the Wang Yi of undergraduate students of college of space navigation of boreal grain industry that is about to graduate making far when the decision that attends Tibet, the everybody beside him expresses to indissoluble. “ this is not me one fashionable rises, the decision ” that makes after the course is cogitative however, wang Yi is telling north blueness signs up for a reporter. He is born in a military home, grandfather, uncle is a soldier, domestic edification lets him imprint at the heart with respect to patriotic to “ ” as a child, “ grandfather has attended the Huai-Hai Campaign, in one’s childhood, I am the ” with the grown story that hearing grandfather, wang Yi is saying, grandfather still has a long-cherished wish before one’s death, serve as a soldier namely, fail to spill green warm blood in the border area of the motherland, make contribution for expect border area. Thenceforth rises, wang Yi with respect to bud an idea: Organic meeting must go Tibet, fulfil long-cherished wish for grandfather. Should be informed when moving unripe interview through Tibetan choosing, this is wearing glasses, appearance gentle schoolboy laughed. Although go,Tibetan job has a lot of sealed, but he is early ready. But “ parents is in, do not travel faraway ” , when offerring this think of a way, what object 御都桑拿above all is Wang Yi mother. Because the age is not old, it is the singleton in the home, his mother fears he g密云推拿哪里最好oes ” of Tibetan “ be unable to stand. This 95 hind the proof of parents of actual travel tendercy that the boy uses him, he has been a heroic man, ask parents to be at ease. Struggling is green the brightest beautiful impression, choose the place that needs most to the motherland, it is contemporary undergraduate rear the simple feelings to home town, take on to national responsibility, still have in basic level build in wide world result the longing that establishs value of life of course of study, implementation.


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