Rose on July 1, the road side parking space of Shi Jingshan area, rising sun area, abundant stage area门头沟哪里能蒸桑拿啊, Haidian area will execute an electron to collect fees entirely, delay the partial way that celebrates an area to also will execute an electron to collect fees ahead of schedule, add up to apply delimit car of road white solid line more than 24 thousand, involve more than 220 way. The parking space of “ evening road that mirrors in the light of the citizen is completely empty, car is in car outside the problem of park ” , public security hands in tubal branch near future to will be passed strengthen evening the following at 7 o’clock execute the law begin concentration punish. On June 24 morning, reporter from Beijing traffic appoint know, since July 1, the road side parking space of Shi Jingshan area, rising sun area, abundant stage area, Haidian area will execute an electron to collect fees, delay the partial way that celebrates an area to also will execute an electron to collect fees ahead of schedule, at the appointed time, the road of afore-mentioned area jockeys uniform no longer artificial spot collects fees. As we have learned, sunny area, abundant stage area, Haidian area, Shi Jingshan area, Yan Qing area is applied in all delimit the electron collects fees road side car more than 24 thousand, involve more than 220 way. Citizen identifying electron collects fees the plain code that parking space needs to identify ” of accurate “ orange only marks a price card can, can make clear above write the electron jockeys the model of written characters that collect fees and plan cost standard. In execute an electron to collect fees the road side car of reform, the way that the most convenient pay stays fare is APP of download Beijing traffic, after tying calm traffic, make fee pays on the line. Or through Beijing traf北京顺义圣元华凯ktv电话fic city of date of small letter public, small letter serves, pay treasure city service to undertake capture is expended. Rose in July, road jockeys the electron collects fees still increase capture of bank site cash to expend means. The citizen can be in Beijing of industrial and commercial bank all Beijing of the 555 sites, bank that enrol business is all 99 sites are dealt with jockey capture expends business. Those who need an attention is, cash do not pay to stop fare to any individuals when the citizen jockeys, also do not want what scanning anybody shows to pay 2 dimension code undertakes capture is expended, if encounter,violate compasses act, can dial a city to provide a hot line 96310 or each area jockeys management department phone, undertake informing against. Jockey according to Beijing road the electron collects fees the overall executive program of reform, on the west city, east city, connect the 3 areas such as the city to already executed road to jockey at rising this year in January the electron collects fees. According to Beijing traffic appoint newest data, on the west city, east circuit side parking space realizes thirteen thousand eight hundred city, Bai Shi that know the 3 areas such as the city entirely the electron collects fees, the car that park passes achieves 2.413 million. Rose on July 1, the car that whole town executive electron collects fees about 38 thousand. Not certain “ adds parking space of seek by inquiry to be not decreased only”On-the-spot seek by inquiry is about to carry out the reporter yesterday road jockeys of a few the city zone that the electron collects fees press a case, discover many a section of a highway already finished video equipment installation and sign to change. The reporter sees on road of uncut jade of jade of abundant stage area, the electron collects fees guidepost has stood case. Jockey the administrator tells a reporter, at present here has not installed video equipment, need uses those who hold equipment to type a citizen to jockey time. And in abundant stage Ou Mofeng road, video equipment has been installed end, of short duration did not begin couplet network plan cost. The reporter understands, current, area of stage of the rising sun, Haidian, abundant, Shi Jingshan, Yan Qing is intensifying carrying out front equipment is installed, begin borrow lever to establish couplet of the lever, electrify that connect a network, adjustment to try wait for the job, for the electron jockeyed on July 1 the line on the system makes final preparation. According to the program, the electron of Beijing collects fees equipment disturbs the exalted video with stronger capability to give priority to with fighting the outside, partial way uses short picket video, terrestrial magnetism temporarily, hold the means such as terminal to undertake administrative, still will drive each area to increase exalted video to manage the proportion that holds further henceforth. The Beijing whole town that after July 1 executive electron collects fees restricts 38 thousand cars in, exalted video management is occupied 63% , management of short picket video is occupied 10% , geomagnetic + POS machine management is occupied 6% , POS machine management is occupied 21% . See in reporter of market of Haidian area Suzhou, road sets road side parking space inside the side road of two side,石景山万达大歌星ktv电话 stop almost full to the brim. Outside the space that purify parking space occupies, the rest road just is used at be not motor vehicle and motor vehicle to mix to pass through, and its width is loath also only enough car has sailed, encounter uncivilized driver to still can cry even flute is urgent ride the person that go. To this, beijing traffic appoint vice director Rong Jun expresses, parking space is not in all areas,北京世纪金源按摩 a section of a highway metropolis “ is added only certainly do not decrease ” , delimit take up the bicycle opens a space after road side parking space to applying, door of the Ministry of Communication cancels the consideration this parking space or be instead nightly jockey, prohibit by day park. Focal 1 optimizes plate identifying algorithm to prevent a miscarriage of justice there are many citizens to mirror before this, because the electron jockeys,collect fees the miscarriage of justice that identifies a system, oneself encounter “ is collected fees frequently ” , on the stops fare to be calculated to oneself account of others. Among them, “I” and “T” , the combination such as “0” and “U” is identified the most easily mistake, some car were identified by the mistake even more than. The reporter understands, such circumstance future hopeful gets alleviating. City traffic appoint the identifying that already organized equipment manufacturer to optimize plate color is algorithmic, already test and verify is right plate of blue card, yellow shop sign, black card, white card, new energy resources can accurate identifying. Optimized equipment at the same time nightly get used to ability oneself, reduce those who glance place is caused to identify a problem. The later period addition as run time, abound diagnostic database ceaselessly, front equipment will pass error correction of continuous machine study, ego, ego to improve, raise plate identifying accuracy rate continuously. Additional, the tree after entering the summer grows flourish, form keep out to exalted video equipment, also be the main reason that causes an error, branch of afforest of each area gardens is cooperating actively to begin the work of pollard leaf. And be aimed at plan cost error, already collected fees through the electron system and desired result of switch of front equipment data reduced wrong order. Rong Jun expresses, door of the Ministry of Communication still will supervise and urge each area strengthens pair of spots to jockey of the administrator groom, supervise and assess, hold terminal to using especially (POS machine) administrative a section of a highway, farther normative service operates circuit. And in should complain to the citizen, advisory respect, each area jockeys management department strengthens personnel to deploy substantially, groom strictly management, improve the efficiency that handles a return, one by one accomplishs the problem that reflects to the citizen to be restricted to be checked in time on time, correct, jockey by reply of person specially assigned for a task person, safeguard jockeys the person closes right increase. Focal 2 is inclined stop, cross a park to wait will bring into violate stop processing to have partial car advocate stop fare to keep car intentionally be being put to be handed in less, the horizontal stroke is on the side of parking space, intended perhaps inclined stop, cross a park. City traffic appoint warn a citizen, combinative road jockeys the plan of reform, the force that each area jockeys to order guides and execute the law also is being strengthened, change administrative pattern to increase frequency of close go on a tour of inspection according to reseau second, increa北京平谷建设街足浴按摩se spot punishment and joint strip strength, carry out to the car of serious obstacle traffic procrastinate move. Add at the same time outfit violate stop catch take probe, integrated area under administration spot of blame of probe of of all kinds video, aggrandizement executes the law ability, to be not being entered, intended inclined stop, cross the behavior such as a park to will be brought into violate stop processing. And in the light of the “ that has citizen report parking space of some of road of evening of a section of a highway is worn for nothing completely, car is in car outside park, affect the issue of current ” badly, public security hands in tubal branch near future to will be passed strengthen evening the following at 7 o’clock execute the law begin concentration punish. “ lives to already dealing with road to jockey the car of attestation, still stop what put in disorder in disorder, door of the Ministry of Communication also handles severity, first time discovery gives warning, or discover again violate compasses act, the area jockeys management department can cancel his to live attestation, cannot enjoy preferential price standard again. ” Rong Jun says. As we have learned, since this year, east city, o密云哪家ktv有男陪唱n the west the city, branch making a valve that opens 3 areas such as the city had increased processing to violate those who stop execute the law strength, investigate in all break the law jockey 604 thousand cases, procrastinate move illegal motor vehicle 6744, condemnatory quantity is compa重庆桑拿龙凤red the corresponding period increased last year 7% , propped up jockey to be advanced smoothly of reform. Focal 3 electron collects fees put an end to black collect fees, collect fees in disorder, bargain “ is black the member that collect fees becomes little really, but why should I hand in stop fare to become expensive however? ” jockeys as Beijing road the electron collects fees the development of reform, a few citizens also generated such question. To this, rong Jun expresses, at present the road of Beijing jockeys collect fees price level begins to carry out from 2011, change according to difference of 3 kinds of areas collect fees, did not adjust up to now. Taking one with another, the part jockeys cost jockeys to rise in price after the person perceives reform, because jockey before,be administrative company manages a gender to collect fees insufficient standard, have bargain action, the likelihood needs every months only hundreds of yuan can be in a company or door mouth “ buys parking space of side of a road. And the road after reform jockeys collect fees management of income of tax of instead government blame, finance of class of area of sum turn over to the higher authorities, adopt an electron to collect fees, uniform cancel the spot to collect fees artificially, put an end to basically black collect fees, collect fees in disorder, the problem such as bargain. But meanwhile, also give a few in jockey resource insecurity area drives the citizen that go to work brought the “ that stops fare little pressure ” , if the unit桑拿技师服务流程 is done not have free favourable perhaps parking space, the cost that jockeys in road side everyday is about about a hundred yuan.


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