On June 24, 63 thousand examinee begins Beijing in one’s deceased father. First Chinese, examination paper has Gu Yun already, have science fiction again, although literal amount decreases, but still “ burns cerebral ” . Your work article 2 choose one, no matter be memory him “ the growing ” with Beijing, still imagine “ to roam about aerospace, answer earthly ” eventually, examinee people wear with literal voice affection, comprehending the meaning of home. Composition: Write grow, comprehend “ to come home”Chinese writes a composition greatly, examinee can be in “ Beijing, there am me here    ” and “ I came back eventually ” the choose in two titles writes a composition, not only can depict Beijing stays in the most precious impress in the heart, ponder over the relation of personal growth and home town, still can follow “ roams about earthly ” , the illusion roams about after aerospace is old, answer the scene of home eventually, the play space of examinee is very large. Outside examination room, the reporter covers the officer such as attached middle school of National People’s Congress randomly more than 20 examinee, the scale that chooses two to顺义华夏之城ktv小妹pics comparatives almost. An examinee of attached middle school of National People’s Congress says, oneself are lived in in old the city zone, there is a small courtyard in the home, she with “ Beijing, the attributive ” that there am me here is a problem, I choose “ the setting of small courtyard, the historical culture that adds Beijing. ” also has examinee to write “ Beijing, here has ” of my he私人伴游陪床安全吗aven and earth, the cultural relic historic site with Beijing, scenery scenic spot and famous college is cut, thank this ancient capital that has long history and innovation energy, give oneself the world of talent of put to good use. Choice “ I came back eventually the examinee of ” title, put flying imagination, from treasure earthly home, affection is unripe raise桑拿板厂家哪家好 Lin Ye, abandon green water green hill hard, the angle such as homeland of culture of be sentimentally attached to writes a composition, those who comprehend home is precious, and of “ ” coming home not easy. If take an examination of before, examinee goes rich has visited the country regression of cultural relic of prediction of a person’s luck in a given year is exhibited, that writes this composition to if have a mind,inscribe regular put pen to paper. [the teacher comments on] teacher of research center of education of education of foundation of academy of Beijing education science: The composition problem this year is offerred one big one small ” of two “ home regards writing as the object for the choice, examinee is OK and baronial narrative, OK also fine number cherish; Can set out from daily life already, sublimate has deep love for the affection of Beijing, founding Beijing and strenuous spirit, can design different narration again main body, offer rich point of view to spread out an imagination. Two titles can let examinee write the heart, reveal ego. Ancient poetry article: Tablet of ancient bronze mirror forest, admire pavilion take an examination of in this year, it is Beijing is carried out new in the 2nd year when take an examination of, ancient poetry article is read board piece still be full of new idea. “ writes a problem from memory to have illustration unexpectedly, really interesting! Attached middle school of ” National People’s Congress checks a place outside, agitat石景山spa水疗水墨拉丝o of a boy follows companion discussion. The ancient poetry article this year is written from memory, emphasize extracurricular extending, with Chinese tradition the building is a problem, match first with illustration, let student figure ground feel ancient time to build culture, paralell connection wants to contain the ancient poetry of ” of cabinet of ”“ of building of “ booth ”“ , interpret blueprints recalls a poem. The check that waits for Chinese ABC to understanding of word sound, glyph, term more a ghost show its presence or power is vivid, take an examination of “ to carry ” word pronunciation, “ to communicate the glyph of ”“ continuance ” for example, not be mechanical memory, put the term in however civil paragraph in words condition, examinee can be mixed according to text material content term meaning, single out likely result. Examination questions still lets examinee with respect to 4 Xi’an picture of tablet forest calligraphy, spread out appreciation judgement, in guiding a student to evaluate the course of calligraphy work in appreciation, produce the respect of outstanding to China culture, edify student inheritance then the outstanding culture, mission feeling that assumes historical responsibility. [the teacher comments on] courtyard of Beijing teaching division base religion grind central teacher: Ancient poetry article is read was last year in take an examination of those who increase is new board piece, give problem form to be broken through somewhat again this year. Ancient poetry article writes a part from memory, meaning read in article of check ancient poetry accumulate. Extracurricular is written from memory emphasize extending, even the word that be patient of won’t write is replaced with phoneticize, built the platform that reveals outside reading to accumulate to the student. Read: Diligent read, more important news current affairs reads examination questions, take an examination of those who check examinee to read not only accumulate, more the attention degree that check student lives to reality. If like to visit an exhibition at ordinary times, chinese is taken an examination of to be able to become very easy in that this year. Apply ” in “ foundation · for example in edition piece, examination密云中医院中医按摩 paper relies on theme of culture of history of ” of “ the Silk Road to study an activity, the real situation that the setting sees to the Cultu密云唱吧麦颂ktv电话ral Palace of the Nationalities and national museum, put forward to plan to write explain intention of cultural relic of word, explanation, postpone the job such as compose preface for high-quality goods of cultural relic of the Silk Road. Classical Chinese article is read in, choose respectively ” be born at hardship, die at peace and happiness ” , ” Lv age ” in Zhao Xiang child story and ” chastity watchs high official ” in the story of Sui Yang emperor, let examinee be read quite, experience wants to score a success, with respect to otherwise Wei cross, want the argument of withstand test. Li Deshu’s person is perforative also examination paper from beginning to end. Contemporary article is read in, give out to take off ” of battle of deficient assault fortified positions to give priority to the material of the probl北京丰台万达天秤座ktv陪唱em with “ , reveal the of one mind of solidarity of the Chinese nation, act vigorously that crosses difficulty in all to take drive; ” ethereal terraced field listens Gu Ge ” stress the quality that struggles difficultly; The heroic ” of “ t顺义可以上门的按摩推拿he Chinese nation eulogizes home saving the nation the heroic person of ideals and integrity at jeopardy. [the teacher comments on] courtyard of Beijing teaching division base religion grind central teacher: What examination paper insists to establish De Shuren is basic oriented, arouse a student to have deep love for the language character of the motherland, and inheritance is outstanding the mission feeling of culture. Pay attention to the times sex that establishs De Shuren at the same time, guide a student to pay close attention to the development of national instantly, know the historical responsibility that oneself place assumes, aspire makes the material of the ridgepole and beam-pillar of the state that prospective motherland builds. The word number of Chinese reading material decreases somewhat, this is to let a student have more sufficient reflection time, show oneself ability level to the top of one’s bent.


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