Between one night, application ETC becomes a bank it seems that between dig Jin Dazhan, IT tycoon contends for the superexcellent opportunity for combat that setting pays below the line. According to traffic Department of Transportation new politics, since this month, the whole nation carries out ETC car to carry plant equipment to be installed freely, the car ETC utilization rate that strives to install rate and current freeway to ETC of the car end 2019 exceeds 90% . From石景山湾仔ktv this, not only traditional ETC does sth for sb orgnaization —— bank gives off favourable “ to enrol ” greatly again and again, connect not the Tecent in the A of this domain also enters deep ploughing in succession bureau, with “ market of loot of convenient and efficient ” . ETC is applied, is there much fire after all nowadays? Small letter of bank and PK of traditional service dot pays treasure, in which one party will the user stand? ETC serves a point: So busy that do not have spot of the toilet on time 1: Queue up inside inn, cry out of the “ outside inn”Time: The ground nodded at 4 o’clock on July 1 afternoon: ETC fast the Cheng Shousi that open check serves site “ I just see person so much, went washing a car to come back again, result person still much. This not, my date is discharged 482 ” . Yesterday afternoon at 4 o’clock, in the hall with enough air conditioning of dot of service of ETC of roadside of the temple that become life, citizen plum gentleman is brushing the close sweat on the head bead plaint. Although already was close to,come off work right now time, but the reporter checks discovery, the user altogether that the spot awaits to deal with still has 40 people. In the meantime, every other pushs the door a few minutes to come in with respect to somebody receive order, of about 15 square metre await an area already full. Mr Zheng that waiting to make bugle call says, he is in in front of of a chapel the team of two many hours just has done fast open check, label was dropped now, come over to activation afresh. “ does for certain today, do to go again. (to 5 o’clock) make piece must not enter. ” fast the clerk 密云金地来有spa按摩that open check tells a reporter, the enthusiasm of user conduction ETC is very tall recently, plus only this one inn does all round “ , the person of a lot of northern part is gone to here run, the person in this inn is so much all the more. ” introduces according to him, this site the staff member of 6 windows busied one afternoon, now and then go up by turns toilet, but the least also two windows are opened at the same time. Afternoon at 5 o’clock, next time arrived, still 19 clients are dealt with without the business that finish. The clerk is pushed partly open the door, the strong National People’s Congress that going toward the site cries: “ is fast bit, should lock up the door today! ”The spot 2: The move such as ” of car “ jostle each other in a crowd holds ETC time: The ground nodded 3:30 on July 1 afternoon: ETC fast site of service of the Lu Gu that open check stands from iron of eight treasures country northeast mouth comes out, make an appointment with 300 meters on foot, can find “ETC fast the Lu Gu that open check serves site ” a few not conspicuous small character. Yesterday afternoon北京月子会所月嫂招聘 at 3 o’clock half, the reporter comes in the passageway before cramped shop, the place that always can jockey here already stayed full car, stand in the small passageway that cannot jockey full person. Among them, the ”—— of “ focus character of a full-court of eldest brother it may be said that wears “ETC” coverall and shorts is all in big sun ground next endure the person that bask in to look at him in eyeball of have sth in mind of narrow one’s eyes, long for him to Che Qianan installs ETC and take a picture to oneself quickly activation. The reporter goes in inn, the staff member that discovers window extraction order is stand肇庆2019桑拿体验肇庆桑拿体验ing and pitch is worn answer to the person that queue up doubt. ETC can be installed here, the certificate that you carry takes me to look. ”“ not, what do here is to follow any banks to get stuck not of link up with, the ETC that can charge money gets stuck, with public transportation card like. ”“ we this fills 300 yuan to send a machine, at ordinary times the machine is 300 yuan of money those who buy. ” is inside half hour, this staff member kept recieving more than 30 clients, have hardly momently cease. IT tycoon: The “ big cake of on 100 million cars”At present countrywide car retains the quantity breaks through 246 million, the car user that has installed ETC is made an appointment with 80.73 million, to the end of this year ETC load is like achieve 90% , what need to install ETC car to carry terminal is new add car sum total to be able to exceed 140 million. The face is so giant to the amount pay an user, internet comes to “ to divide ” of a thick soup before tycoon strive to be the first. Be in yesterday, small letter and pay treasure to announce to support online application ETC early or late, can pay the service that has pike pay through shift. Yesterday morning, tecent takes the lead in ” of “ Guan Xuan, say to rose on July 1, car advocate go up to be able to apply ETC directly in small letter small order or urban service, countrywide couplet network is current. In the meantime, the cost, experience that need not fill value ” is buckled after the user can enjoy small letter to pay “ to pass through first already, can online open electronic bill. For example, in the small search that believe end ETC assistant clicks “ to apply ” : Plate of the ETC card that chooses conduction place province, desired result, fill in address receiving money, pay individual Id and car data upload by the directive after finishing, bind decide small letter to pay, can finish ETC to apply flow. Equipment will send user hand to go up through express, the user presses device of activation of demonstrative proper motion to be able to be used. In addition, ETC assistant still has ETC online fill value and open an electron current bill function. Back-to-back, pay treasure to announce formally also, since that day, pay treasure OK and free conduction ETC. Like be the same as small letter, paying treasure also is parcel of general, facility mails the whole nation. Nevertheless, pay treasure to support only at present bind decided Chinese postal savings bank to borrow those who write down card and credit card to hold calorie of person, bind those who decided other bank card to pay treasure user to st大兴西路足浴ill cannot enjoy this service temporarily. Pay treasure respect introduction, the user is in pay treasure search “ETC service ” , enter relevant small order, can whole journey is online deal with, the basis after obtaining facility is how-to short a few paces can finish a setting. Once equipment activations, the disbursement of user of go back of former road of cash pledge general treasure account, a minute of money also need not be spent. In the meantime, pay treasure associated bank enlightened ETC is free explain get, offer equipment to include mail service, future will widen further cooperative bank channel, let more user enjoy convenient service. Bank site: ETC sells goods small letter, pay treasure to announce to ETC is applied on supportive subscribers feeder in succession, this does sth for sb to traditional ETC orgnaization —— bank, brought enormous challenge. Will give a peak period into Xia Ying, each bank increased the favourable strength of conduction ETC business, not only ETC electron label sends freely, and give a car advocate 50 yuan of pike to 100 yuan. ETC is bound after deciding credit card, pike is hit 95 fold, cheer stand decrease 50 yuan. Current, the car of application labour travel and Construction Bank ETC advocate more, always can offer on北京桑拿泳池设备e-stop the site that installs a service, often queue up on the weekend. Yesterday, the staff member of business ministry of the wide subbranch of a bank that install the gate tells labour travel Beijing the reporter, draw near on the weekend two days, they installed nearly 200 ETC, this site has done not have goods now, new after can waiting for this Zhou Wu to arrive only, application user does again. “ is current sale credit card is very difficult, so the sale of ETC credit card also becomes a lot of banks to send the direction of force. ETC user is gens having a car, belong to client of excellent high net value. ” state-owned big client manager tells a reporter, think in Beijing, Shanghai such need that buy a car shake originally the city of a gleam of of date, ETC market is already saturated, did not think of new politics deliver a new “ gold ore deposit ” . By June, industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Chinese construction bank, Chinese agriculture bank already with traffic Department of Transportation road network center takes the lead to issue the platform that prop up to realize a butt joint to headquarters class ETC, the bank of national share-holding system such as postal savings bank of bank of Bank of China, transportation and China and bank of the bank that enrol business, an ancient name for China also will realize systematic butt joint at the near future. Very fast, broad car advocate through the bank application ETC also will resemble be being mixed through small letter like paying treasure, need not go to a bank site or high speed service station queue up, need the online application that finish only, can come in equipment of home sit back and wait, realize convenient self-help installation. Actually, internet company also is not the concern that forms complete competition with the bank. For example, reporter discovery, in the order of more than 50 Xiaocheng that supports ETC service in small letter, have the small program that serves as developer by the bank. To this, small letter expresses, in cooperate with the bank, popularize ETC jointly. “ small letter offers a kind of new alternative for the user, in the meantime, the near future and bank collaboration will go up the product is new related the line ability. ”Does he does on the line or calm dot do below the line? Car advocate apply ETC before, although OK also self-help is dealt with, but great majority person or meeting go to a bank site or ETC service site, ask a staff member to help installation. Nowadays, much the channel on small letter and the line that pay treasure, the user is to choose to never leave home after all apply on the line, after that self-help uses blue tooth installation, still resemble once upon a time in that way, go serving a dot to queue up to wait for installation? To this, car advocate paragraph the lady expresses to the reporter, convenient it is the most important: “ if can express is excellent, I am willing of course him application, installation. The official of ETC has installation to operate clew on the net, there also is quick installation assistant in mobile phone bank, look seriously a little can oneself are installed. Can save old hot days of at least half day time, lest to run not only a suit sweat, and return so as to save additional many a piece of needless credit card. ”Car advocate fourth gentleman expresses, it what channel is applied is not important that what channel is applied, what he takes a fancy to is privilege of which kinds of channel strength is greater. I have “ an ETC of a bank that the friend runs two years ago, avoided electronic label to install cost at that time, he felt to had occupied defecate appropriate. Did not think of the bank leaves original capital now, avoid installation cost not only, still send the pike of 100 yuan of money, walk along high speed to still be hit 95 fold, strength of the privilege before comparing two years mostly. I that friend can regret. I estimate, small letter and pay Bao Ganggang to roll out this business, cross some of day to also have privilege for certain, perhaps compare bank allowance more. I want to be waited a moment again, who is more substantial go who does then. ”Because privilege is enchanted,do not have, catch up with “ETC this to do calorie of main forces ” pure belong to coincidence. Last week, the self-help channel that she tries to pass bank of labour travel mobile phone undertakes conduction, although flow is smooth, but arrived to apply the last link every time, the page always shows cannot submit data. To this, bank customer service expresses but, the client that handles possibly recently is too much, bring about systematic examine and ver北京房山食柜ktvify slower. But under, ms. Zhang is in drive last weekend come to ETC fast the Cheng Shousi that open check serves a site沐足, did not think of to discharge the team of several hours. Her forced smile wears say to the reporter: Him need does to install on “ETC line, group of need platoon leader runs below the line, look not easy! ”


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