As if head of a bullet, with 160 kilometers / the speed of the hour gallops smoothly between urban orbit, let a passenger can arrive at ”…… of door of new “ country to be less than 100 days too again in the time of a cup of tea, such setting can become reality, the fresh blood —— that ” of big family of “ of Beijing orbit traffic also will receive degree of a heavy pound goes in for sth in a large scale for Beijing only the line of orbit new airport that the International Airport serves. The D of city land with certain boundaries with brand-new profit from car and 160 kilometers / the home of the hour is the fastest subway speed, the whole journey of 41.4 kilometers, from careless bridge nonstop Beijing goes in for sth in a large scale the International Airport runs to need 19 minutes only. On June 15, sky of make one’s bow holds new airport line try move, train of ” of date of “ white whale leaves first run. A few days ago, arms of our newspaper reporter parts a way, seek by inquiry station of subway careless bridge, magnetism is each bank station, new train of ” of date of white whale of station of building of airport northing station and “ , expose the plot that secret new line builds. New car · experience and ” of “ harmonious date are euqally wide still match baggage car a few days ago, during the reporter is driven in sky of train of ” of date of white whale of “ of new airport line to carry travel trying luck, experienced first. Record the above-listed vehicle, the reporter feels more resembled ascending ” of date of harmony of Gao Tie “ , the space is more capacious, the light is downier, move smoother also, even if is the speed per hour of 120 kilometers, the person also does not feel rock. About 15 minutes, reporter from magnetism each village stands all the way south fell to go in for sth in a large scale the northing station building of the International Airport stands. After gett北京中医按摩院ing off, machine leaving gate is brushed to give a station to take a paragraph to go up in platform layer staircase, arrived the one integrated change hall of subterranean of the layer. From here, the “ that takes 3 tonnage exceeds vertical ladder of hig石景山个人保健按摩h capacity ” , the home that can reach 4 directly sets 密云区英伦国际ktvout layer. City orbit builds Tang Xi of vice director of office of line of limited company new airport to introduce, ” of date of “ white whale used the width over sides of car body of rice of ”3.3 of “ harmonious date, but the setting that cancelled tall iron toilet, want than popularly iron train not only wide piece many, 10 centimeters wider also than train of capital airport line. Train introduces railroad car carrying a passenger first + the form of “6+1+1” organizing into groups that baggage car sets, entire line fixed number of persons 448 people. Among them, 6 average railroad car according to “2+2” layout seat; Railroad car of a business affairs according to “1+2” layout seat; 1 is baggage car. Span of around of seat of average railroad car achieves 0.84 meters, a small-sized boot can be placed before the leg when the passenger sits down; And in business affairs railroad car, every seat has independence adjustable an a place with a draught that accuse, read interface of the lamp, USB. Configuration has exceeded “ to revive group of motor-car of date ” Gao Tie is second-class and first-class a requirement. New station glazed tile of white marble of station of building of station of northing of ” of road of the silk in sky of “ of · seek by inquiry experiences Beijing lasting appeal to be connected brightly be full of lasting appeal again fully, enter station of northing station building to harbor platform layer, this is the first impression that the reporter obtains. Sufficient have 188 meters inside the long, broad platform layer of 39 Mi Kuan, 6941 square metre, appearance is alike in spirit the white pillar of column of form of C of area of core of building of airport boat station, bending from bottom up outspread, wan Re a “ steamer ” to different way diverge, ” of road of the silk in the “ sky of new era since implied meaning wearing. Over “ steamer ” , the warm light that the lamp brings is passed through hollow-out aluminium board projects on marble ground, build the sense that gives a kind of warmth. Line of contact of railroad of border of line of station of northing station building and border of capital male city, R4, obligate track line, city is formed jointly go in for sth in a large scale the International Airport is integrated traffic center, make Gao Tie, subway and boat station building syncretic of 3 stations field. The design of whole platform layer bestrewed Beijing element: The paper-cut for window decoration of the glazed tile eave of the white marble baluster of gules gate, white, archaize, old Beijing, connect toilet even also with the Tang Dynasty outfit and cheongsam will mark men and women, invite a guest the plane can experience grumous Beijing to taste. Pillar of white of “ platform layer has 820 kilograms the heaviest, all is hyperboloid modelling, the joining together of component part is a big difficult problem. How does ability joining together give a complete curve? Zou Jun of manager of project of building of station of northing of line of new airport of group of ” Beijing city building introduces, good to do column of these 9 modelling, plant of their preexistence member according to 1 did than the scale of 1 try spell outfit experiment, the pillar of 4 kinds of dimension, avery kind of was done, the ability after waiting for experiment qualification has the treatment of component part and setup formally. The “ craftsmanship ” of builder stood to be in by “ Tibet ” in northing station building fine point. Seam with the ground to let a wall seam rise repeatedly even if linear, the floor tile of millimeter of 600 millimeter ×900 by small shrink millimeter of 598 millimeter ×898; Platform layer blind on the road 25174 blind spike, each are to be versed in person handiwork is twisted. Each bank station builds magnetism of ” of boat of “ sea Shanghai Airline 425 meters endlong in the station the biggest in 3 subways station, magnetism each bank station is exclusive station of a monomer, also be Beijing subway already built the biggest in the station at present. The reporter enters magnetism from entry point discovery of layer of office of station of each bank station, station of whole seat coach is contracted atmosphere, use pure blue white tonal adornment, the condole top that is as high as 6 meters is become by the design wave style, be united in wedlock to twinkle lamplight, build the effect that gives ” of boat of Shanghai Airline of sea of a kind of “ . Wa密云ktv老万都nt to build a such big stations, can not be an easy thing. Hou Zheng of assistant manager of project of ministry of item of line of new airport of Beijing municipal group tells a reporter, common station length goes to 300 meters in 200 meters more, and each Zhuang Zhanquan grows magnetism 425 meters, it is nearly 1.5 times of station length commonner. Magnetism each bank station is public area headroom is 6 meters tall, and standard station is controlled 4 meters enough. The aegis compose diameter that each village stands amounts to magnetism 8.2 meters, ambitious also at standard station 6.3 meters diameter length. “ although 1.5 times project amount is standard station, but its construction time limit for a project follows standard station is same however. ” Hou Zheng introduces, close, task weighs time, rectify the design that seat coach stands and construction to must undertake at the same time. Enter the arena from June 3, 2017 construction, inside two years of time limit for a project, project ministry has shift board house in, “ must be gotten had built, this can be the country families status one track line! ”“ gives fluctuant water ripple effect to make, condole top is used aluminium board and just connect orderly combination to make geminate music model, the size that every just know together is different. These increased construction difficulty. ” Hou Zheng introduces, magnetism each bank station is design theme with ” of “ maritime the Silk Road, it is design element with boat and water ripple. To add clever feeling, the art that designed an unit to still increase 9 blue that open system inside the station decorates column, draw is returned to have going from place to place leaf on post. Special path “ spreads taxi of station of careless brid平谷中医院推拿ge of ” of beautiful sea of “ silk road to stand into ” subway hall layer stands from subway of 10 lines careless bridge A mouth comes out, walk along about 100 meters continuously ahead, face about can see the construction ground that exceeds 40 thousand square metre, ” of homonymic and different last name is intensifying this “ the new “ careless bridge of construction stands ” , attribute new airport line and 19 lines close build a station, station of as careless as 10 lines bridge is two different stations. Future, will build between both have a 158 meters long passage, with new careless bridge consign of station the corresponding period is used, help passenger implements indoor change. Reporter from in build A mouth to issue underground, place oneself at station office layer. “ of tremendous pillar upper part flies a ” petaline model, the condole tip that aluminium just knows presents a fluent line to feel, and the architect’s craftsmanship already peep: Move back and forth in station office when domestic and international passenger roundtrip, as if place oneself at having road floriferous environment in; Broad and the space that has arrangement, reflecting Beijing city include with happiness. Letting what the reporter shines at the moment is, standing of hall layer on the west side, still can see one place includes the parking space of 51 societies car, garage that can accommodate many 30 taxi at the same time. Door of garage technical secondary school installed a taxi special path, fall guest area and driveway of illicit home car, jockey in order to realize underground with the function that receive refute. Go downward again from stair, it is layer of 2 platforms of subterranean. The shield door of whole sealing is installed basically already end, the adornment style one integrated mass that already held good condole top and layer of upstairs station office partly. Village of “ careless bridge has what the capital spends countryside to say since ancient times, the overall theme design that careless bridge station stands according to subway of new airport line and characteristic of environment of careless bridge periphery, it is dimensional theme set ‘ silk road to spend sea ’ , the Beijing t延庆华远ktv消费hat the implied meaning opens embraces colorful world. The iron in ” subway of 23 bureaus Beijing 19 lines 07 mark paragraph Gong Sen of assistant manager of project ministry production introduces. “ we entered the arena on July 17, 2017, heavy, time tightens the task. Everybody day shift night shift works by turns, hour and 24 building site are companion, present ’ of this ‘ work faultlessly with respect to the hope come out. ”Line of a new airport achieves circuit · extension the line of many the first a mainstay in regarding “ of Beijing orbit traffic as 935 ” program, first phase of line of orbit traffic new airport is full-length 41.4 kilometers, set careless bridge station, magnetism in all each bank station and station of building of station of new airport northing station of 3 seat coach and magnetism each village a car paragraph. New airport line created many whole town and even whole nation the first: Line of ● new airport is whole town the line of urban orbit traffic that to operation from investment, construction full cycle introduces government and mode of social capital collaboration the first. ● tried to design orbit, high speed first in all compose in all the traffic mode of corridor, underground is the integrated canal corridor that market offer lights gas, electric power, water supply, communication to wait, the ground is road of municipal road round river, line of orbit traffic new airport is among, most uppe桑拿多少钱 带套吗r part is new airport freeway. Line of ● new airport still introduced the world those who have completely own intellectual property is highest grade, full automatic drive system, can come true not only nobody drive, still can realize train to be waked up automatically, self check, move, the whole process such as dormancy. Does design · uncover secret to break through controversy to place 160 kilometers do you have “ of the fastest speed per hour is technical standard propped up? ”“ speed 160 kilometers / is the hour feasible? ” till today, review the design whole journey of line of subway new airport, jiang Chuanzhi of total stylist of北京顺义ktv女陪唱 line of new airport of group of development of design of Beijing city building still becomes aware be full of a challenge. In May 2011, line of subway new airport starts feasibility research. At that time, the capital airport fast trajectory of devoted already operation from east straight door stands to boat of capital airport T3 building, whole journey needs 23 minutes only. Design group placed an end: Implementation center city (Chang’an Street) with new airport between half hours of understand. “ wants considering new airport line with 19 wires transfer, the time that leaves line remains 22 minutes only. Calculate through relapsing, final design group is top speed surely 160 kilometers / hour. ” Jiang Chuanzhi says. After highest design speed per hour comes down surely, controversy followings sb’s heels and come. At that time, countrywide subway is highest speed per hour also with respect to 120 kilometers, the it may be said of speed per hour of 160 kilometers is “ unprecedented ” , be without precedent but abide, how is power supply system done, how is car technology parameter decided, these need to design a group to be solved one by one. Jiang Chuanzhi tells a reporter, for this, design group has begun channel block to compare research, calculate the bulk that leaves channel in the condition of speed per hour of 120 kilometers, 140 kilometers, 160 kilometers respectively; Had had imitate test, introduce tigidity to contact a net, in order to reduce channel section; In railway system 350 kilometers / undertook power supply system studies again on hour speed foundation, select the communication power supply system of 25 thousand finally; Was based on a country to platform of CRH6 of iron harmony date undertakes car studies and produce D of new-style city land with certain boundaries car finally. “ does a design, should dare to break through namely, be brave in to innovate, cannot satisfy at repeating already some achievement. ”


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