Face high temperature, is Beijing citizen how of sunstroke prevention? What sunstroke prevention did the bazaar of Beijing, railway station adopt to drop in temperature again measure? On July 4, new capital signs up for a reporter to divided a road to have seek by inquiry. Reporter discovery, effect of refrigeration of the air conditioning inside taxi and partial bus not beautiful. For convenient passenger, outside mouth of Beijing station pull in add canopy of more than 10 sunshade newly from July 1. The sunshade of material of new-style accept rice that stood to still use ultraviolet ray of wind act machine, isolation south Beijing comes loose hot. Weather reheat, this post that stand fast still should stand fast. Especially a few special post, air temperature busies higher the more, and without air conditioning room, rest without “ cold drink ” . The trouble that plays them because of burning sun just about works, made sure urban safety is orderly ” of high temperature of ground “ battle. Place of infield of room of market of subway of high temperature seek by inquiry opens air temperature of sufficient air conditioning to be more under 30 ℃ seek by inquiry is medium yesterday, the reporter discovers the indoor place such as the subway, bazaar is cooler, air temperature is more under 30 ℃ . In the morning 10 when make, new capital signs up for the discovery when the reporter takes a taxi, although opened air conditioning, inside the car still very fuggy. Intense sunshine can pass through a window point-blank go up in passenger body, in a few minutes the dress of recumbent car window is basked in hair is very hotly. The reporter feels roof with the hand, temperature arrives high very hot hand. The teach of Zhang Shi of elder brother ” of “ introduces, stem from safe consideration, taxi car window cannot stick window paper, get sunshine point-blank influence, the air temperature inside the car is exorbitant, “ air conditioning also left, it doesn’t matter is used. ”14 when make, the reporter is near Chong Wen door discovery of actual measurement of one building site, ground temperature already exceeded 50 ℃ . Many worker tells a reporter, building site burns the machine of boiled water only, weather is torrid wait not as good as water is cool. Workers mostly provide for oneself makes an appointment with 2 litres jug, carry water from life division in order to solve hotly. As to sunstroke prevention measure, these workers express, the dining room ever had prepared gram soup, building site ever also had extended mineral water. The entrance guard of building site doorway showed the salt soda water that extended a few days ago to the reporter, but its express, come to put the measure of specific sunstroke prevention such as water to be in charge of by foreman at whether be being sent, how is look foreman handled. Leave building site, the air temperature inside station of 2 Xian Chongwen doors is subway of reporter actual measurement 28 ℃ , and have cool wind blast. The air conditioning inside shopping centers opens luck of state of group of trade of Chong Wen door more sufficiently, air temperature is low to 24 ℃ , come the client that this shops feels very cool, comfortable. When the reporter waits, have dweller report, when taking 34 buses, the passenger inside the car is numerous, feel the cool desire that is less than air conditioning. But the driver expresses clearly, already opened air conditioning. Besides air conditioning, the dweller is initiative still adjust work and rest in order to be away for the summer holidays. On July 3 23 when make, the area of few points activity of the village in sunny area Nong Guangdong, 34 youths gather. They tell new capital newspaper reporter, the dusk is 78 bits before walk a dog after the meal, enter in July, weather is torrid, go out a suit sweat, walk a dog in the future was deferred, “ 912 bits, although be nodded late, but cool, wind is big also. ”Glass of rice of canopy of railway station sunshade, accept drops in temperature for the passenger medicinal powder heat regards Beijing as one of main traffic hubs, beijing station, south station how sunstroke prevention? Beijing has canopy of more than 10 sunshade outside mouth of station pull in, long, wide each make an appointment with 2 meters, nail consolidate with steel. According to Beijing office of station Party committee publicizes introduction of world of bavin of a secretary in charge of sth, afore-mentioned sunshade canopy were on July 1 heat carry is established in the begining, queue up in order to offer a fare, the body unwell or it is short time when expecting another person, use. Yesterday 15 when make, the reporter exceeds 40 ℃ in temperature of the earth’s surface of the actual measurement on Beijing station square, mat-awning falls to be 35 ℃ about. Beijing station shares mouth of 31 pull in, use automatic brake machine, average 2 seconds can carry a passenger. Accordingly, pull in mouth did not discharge a cue北京上地ktv公主, average every team is in 5 people less than. Tone is free inside the station. 16 when make, indoor temperature is car of reporter solid astronomical and meteorological observation 28 ℃ , “ of passenger speak bluntly compares comfortable ” . The sunshade of material of new-style accept rice that ultraviolet ray of a machine of use wind act, isolation stands s门头沟尚会馆足浴保健地址电话outh Beijing comes loose hot. The taxi of the parking lot waits east area around shares machine of act of two groups of wind, the parking lot also has two groups on the west, altogether quadruplet. 14 when 40 minutes, on the wall of this one passageway, the reporter sees one place thermometer, indication temperature is 27 ℃ . Machine of “ wind act resembles wall of a wind, mix steam wait area is kept apart. A staff member says ” . Wait in first floor of the station austral Beijing the hall, the glass of arch bridge shape that carries a layer on the head also did sunstroke prevention processing. According to equipment and news division standing south Beijing staff member Yang Wenlong introduces, in information desk upper part, did 216 in all the 700 glass of the left and right sides that make the same score rice are transformed pilot, what use on “ glass is material of rice of a kind of new-style accept, main effect is isolation ultraviolet ray, infrared ray, the visible light that passes through glass has 60% probably, other is to have adiabatic effect. ” Yang Wenlong says, the “ blue glass of vitreous coating the area that lower part is information desk periphery, the temperature with other area can differ 5 ℃ left and right sides, supporting measure above the layer should meet difference is controlled to 9 ℃ . ”High temperature character sends “ of grow in quantity of order of eat little elder brother to drink water completely all the way”Heat wave frightens many person “ ” must not be willing to walk out of air conditioning room, this can be kept very busy send eat little elder brother. Yesterday 9 when 30 departure are over to be met early, yuan Xiaowu sending eat sells “ outside beautiful group fully armed ” , besides before coverall and helmet, he still wore long oversleeve, “ suntans do not be afraid of, basically be afraid of bask in. ” says, he still draws out a pair of sunglasses in a packet that from dynamoelectric bicycle footplate is in. Xiaowu of 25 years old does the member that send eat this year just between a year of half, basic to esteeming village of the office building near article door, dweller know sth like the palm of one’s hand, also can wear alley, circle shortcut spare not little time. He tells new capital newspaper reporter, general at ordinary times one day receives 30 much sheet is normal number, but high temperature these days, the person that selects cold drink afternoon is apparent grow in quantity, “ so these days the time that I have a meal is later than before, as it happens is not quite hungry also, drink water completely all the way. ”Xiaowu is carrying scorching sun on the head to driving a car, however him begrudge also buys a cup of cold drink to fall drop in temperature, “ more than 10 money, where be willing to part with or use. ” sends iced of a pail of two litres of outfit in eat box mineral water, it is his drinking water of a day, “ is heated up so that be no good really drink a dot, often also cannot breathe out breathe out fill, the toilet delays a thing on. ”Besides water, oily essence of water of healthy atmosphere of wrinkled giant hyssop, wind, towel, everything needed is ready, xiaowu weighs those who deserve to send to this is a company, most moment not need, but carrying the sureness in the heart on the back. I return “ to had caught a cold without heatstroke, but even if a bit uncomfortable, also can hold to as far as possible. ”Be less than in the morning 10 when, beautiful round Yuan Xiaowu sending eat received the first sheet, the client decided two cups of cold drink from inn of a tea with milk, need sends 4 kilometers an office building outside, he cycles adroitly to go southward from Chong Wen door. Reporter from the United States understanding sells to arrive outside the group, be aimed at high temperature weather, beautiful group is urged deserve to sent business to make the policy of high temperature allowance that sells little brother external, extend through differring form, ensure allowance of each area high temperature is fulfilled reach the designated position, cogent increase caballero perquisite income. Meanwhile, in each area circumstance of combinative site caballero prepared to put towel of sleeve, magic sweat, co密云平衡推拿会所ol and refreshing oil, Long Hu on the ice the sunstroke prevention goods and materials such as person red, endeavor to provide close safeguard for caballero. Armed police soldier 39 ℃ are on duty “ has not arrived the hottest when”Yesterday 13 when, beijing北京会所一般的价格是多少 stands the armed police to station square is on duty hillock, liu Xingwang and his comrade-in-arms stands in a meter many to be on duty high on the stage, look toward two direction respectively, the circumstance of whole square all stops eye ground. Liuxing of 24 years old looks this year is armed police Beijing total fleet is on duty t大兴亮都ktv正规么?he 2nd detachment 11 squadron veteran, already was on duty in Beijing station stand sentry 4 years. Liu Xingwang and other 3 comrade-in-armses are on duty everyday stand sentry 8 hours, every other can have brief adjustment to rest after rotate of a hour of post. Be on duty return military unit corresponding to a company, they want as usual to undertake physical ability training and politics are taught. Perspire in high temperature day more than, often the dress wants drenched, the dress sun outside “ is basked in able, but close-fitting dress often one wet daylong. ”13 when, air temperature of Beijing station square is as high as 39 ℃ , but Liu Xingwang tells a reporter, what don’t this calculate, “ just just was entered after all in July, come afternoon a small wind, do not have so fuggy. The most serious is annual in July in the time of a month of in the future of the middle ten days of a month, heat wave blow on the face, if do not have sunglasses, the eye also is not opened. ”Liu Xingwang is pointing to square to be described to the reporter, when “ weather is the hottest, steam is risked on the ground, toward far look to blur. ”In the half open lookout post that soldiers stand, or so two side at the same time small air conditioning of a vertical, this lets Liu Xingwang feel happiness is not little, “ last year of new clothes, special canal is used. When there is this air conditioning previously, a hour feels the shoe wanted to change, iron a foot. ”No matter weather is much hot, liuxing looks and comrade-in-armses always should maintain have one’s head screwed on the right way, be observant and alert, ear to listen to the condition of all directions, flow of staff of “ Beijing station is large, and concentrated, especially this heat carries spring when carrying, once go out,the thing can be big thing, must keep vigilant. ” is on duty long, the capability that Liu Xingwang laugh weighs to face of him “ person identifies ” is especially strong, in “ crowd can see who is average fare is hurrying on with his journey, who has conspire against the law to 北京中医按摩学校need to be being stared at more. ”“ issueing evaporate is basked in to rinse footpath on environmental sanitation worker the most painstaking”Yesterday 8 when, the sun is illuminated high, the Beijing that the reporter will come to to the bridge austral lunar world fall on the west city annulus beautiful center site. Right now, zang Wei of environmental sanitation worker sits to sweep a car, preparation sets out. His task in the morning is to sweep financial market piece a few of the area street. The reporter follows Zang Wei sits to sweep a car. Car all sides is glass, there is one eduction wind gap on the top of head only, slowly giving tepid wind. Speed is very slow, although the air conditioning inside the car is leaving, still broiling and intolerable. Zang Wei middlemans along the driveway, carefully time time sweeping. He is wearing pants of long body length, get off picking up rubbish when still wear a hat. Encounter without shady and cool place, he wraps a neck with a towel. Pants of “ long sleeve length is a few hotter, but unapt bask in. Lu of ” Zang Wei rises arm, come out arm dew to have a Bai Pi. Before “ two days bask in an injury to had not restored. He says ” . 11 when 30 minutes, zang Wei is returned rest station. He takes off next orange coverall, the back has been soaked after. He takes out water of a bottle of ice from freezer, drank water of healthy atmosphere of one canister wrinkled giant hyssop. He says, to assure everybody healthy, the unit delivered sunstroke prevention drug, the房山城关正规推拿 equipment in freezer became sufficient mineral water and beverage, everyday the dining room prepares gram soup and iced watermelon midday. “ nooning rests, rinse footpath afternoon again. The left and right sides when ”13, zang Wei takes on two bottles of mineral water of freeze, opening sprinkler to set out again. “ footpath can rely on to be rinsed artificially only, general we can halt water wagon on driveway edge, rinse with conduit. ” mounds the ave inside the door, do not have on whole street shady and cool, sweat drips downward from neck forehead of Zang Wei, get on even the hand to bestrew sweat bead. He is taking towel to brush a face, in eye of “ sweat inpour ” . He says, high temperature weather is rinsed footpath and pouring garbage can is the most painstaking, basking on “ head, steam is risked from the upgrade below the foot again, evaporate is gotten confused. ”Every arrive when cannot holding to, zang Wei can arrive on the car get on the glacial water that comes out from station inner tube in forehead apply. Sound has a passenger to carry beverage of one bag iced to be put in us to be on duty outside hillock, also do not talk more, say to be drunk to us, went. Still some people are flat outside was being ordered, sell send, who is we also do not know. Return what once an a respectful form of address for an old person says him son is a soldier namely, bought iced drink to us, say to be drunk to children. —— Beijing station is on duty our squadron receives of armed police Liu Xingwang today more than 50 ice cream, it is sheet of fluctuation of enthusiastic citizen net, deliver by the member that send eat, did not take a full name. T杭州伴游经纪his has been we receive ice cream the 3rd times recently. Before, we still get tea with milk many times, order remarks part is writing “ to train moment to want to note sunstroke prevention, so hot weather, painstaking! Rescuing detachment of fire control of area of rising sun of ”   —— hopes Beijing is especially diligent squadron grows Wang Zhenyu


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