Mu Jianfa, director of management of street city service divides courtyard of Haidian area black bamboo central director, he 35 years old has administered a domain to work more than 8 years in urban environment this year, qing Dynasty carries derelict rubbish, standard swims business faker, demolish violate compasses board, punish to violate construction, seal a burrow opening a fence, he kisses force to be in person, with responsibility heart of height and mission feeling, promote ” special operation around hurried of punish of “ scanty solution closely, made remarkable contribution to promote area town planning level of management and environmental order, flourish notes third class result, have the honor to win capital environment to build advanced individual name for many times, still had the honor to win honorary title of ” of medal of “ capital labor 2018. Face the job of the working job with complex numerous and complicated and higher level to ask, mu Jianfa strengthens study self-consciously, raise vocational level ceaselessly, he is right code policy be clear at the bosom, face opposite person pester, rational has laws and regulations of benefit use law to be solved acco女私人伴游陪床招聘rding to giving; He still can apply vista map, remote sensing neatly video, satellite the method of science and technology such as video, supervisory system, problem of environment of efficient processing town. During two meeting environments of 钱柜ktv朝阳门店countrywide were ensured 2018, street be on duty be in when commando go on a tour of inspection horn of northeast of black bamboo bridge dish the bridge discovers chaos throws litter on full line footpath, after clearing for a short while, mu Jianfa uses reseau to change picture information system to begin clew sieve to check, be like car to begin a sieve to check from bridge area doubt, use one nooning time, through examining the kinescope of probe of nearly 20 monitoring, get striking feature finally, after forming complete evidence chain, working group inside undertake a bulletin, only half hours, behavior person and commit the crime car is in charge of to execute the law by the city inside area under administration namely personnel is hunted down. Wisdom road and Wei Gong street grow to violate construction in punish in, because opposite person does not deserve to close, the constru石景山spa水疗水墨拉丝ction time of illegal construction is maintained hard, repair work encounters difficulty. Mu Jianfa uses method of science and technology, through the satellite video with remote sensing video overlay compares right method, decided the time limits that illegal construction builds finally, make work of illegal construction repair is able to begin smoothly. During establishing countrywide civilized the city zone, he is specific and responsible community sanitation is administered. Question of old old village is much, rectify and reform to finish a problem on time, often at night still taking security personnel more at 11 o’clock clearing rubbish is sundry. It is midday likewise stroll is 顺义圣派嘉华ktv电话号curved, most person is not to go to a park namely campus, he chooses a street to string together alley however, discover at any time on the way and solve the problem of a few city government. Be in repair people university on the west when road environment order, he puts forward traffic to optimize plan, will vacate the communal space that retreat to transform blame motor vehicle to, execute machine assuming to leave, after punish not only civilian big road environment level promotes on the west remarkable, still raised way石景山区正规按摩足疗店招聘 general efficiency and traffic safety index, facilitated masses goes out row. Mu Jianfa still is known firm soft and aid, his working property deflection is carried out at the tigidity of legal laws and regulations, but the development thought that he holds to to be a center with people from beginning to end, “ holds to in the job firm soft union, callosity executes the law, ” of operation having feeling, upheld the authority of legal laws and regulations already, also safeguarded the legitimate rig北京方庄按摩hts and interests of opposite person. In opening wall burrow punish to work 2018, deformity of limbs of male host of barber shop of Sai Meilai of community of law China temple cannot walk, goodwife ever cannot be 北京大兴南国佳人spaengaged in hard physical labor because of getting hurt, exist to be badly off actually really, and this barber shop gets the assist of wide general term of community old people. Join real case, mujian sends understanding many times, make a thorough investigation of relevant circumstance is reported to superior, nod this finally an of short duration to grant to withhold. In the job, the opposite person utterance that has encountered Diao Man to make fun of a horizontal stroke is minatory, via the change one’s tune after he is communicated patiently, the opposite person that also has encountered honest honesty is carrying snacks of earthnut melon seeds altruistic to him help thankses. Regard an average basic level as the staff member, mu Jianfa does not forget first heart, remember a mission well, with the working manner of cautious and conscientious, be good at learning, be good at carrying out, display force to be administered at area city, service at area citizen masses. Also no 顺义商务ktvless than his place character, go wanting like lofty ideal reach the clouds, go hardheadedly working.


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