Two meters of square, two meters come tall, look smooth like a X machine, toward stand before it, turn a body, one second is finished install check. This is passive type millimeter wave into resemble installing check equipment. A few days ago, innovation contest is invented to go up in the 13rd Beijing, be versed in by Chinese spaceflight division the passive type millimeter wave of 25 research and development became 2 courtyards to win a gold prize like the equipment that install check. The member that use radar technology to need not install check is close-fitting after checking “911 incident ” , world each country promotes increasingly to how preventing demand, each countries are developing of all kinds safety to be on guard with all one’s strength technical product, the system that install check is among them a important kind. Nowadays, the system that install check applies already extensively at the large activity such as the Olympic Games, exposition, and the traffic such as the subway, Gao Tie, airport carries a system in. Regard large center as look forward to, chinese spaceflight division is versed in 2 courtyards are dedicated the technical product research and development that how prevents a domain, subordinate appears on the market the company finished rich of world of Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai satisfactorily to the system of security science and technology such as the meeting is built and guarantee the job early or late. “ is in after world rich was met 2010, 2 courtyards raised taller requirement to security product, we combine market demand to be opposite research and development of the products plan that install check thought more way. Millimeter wave of ” passive type is become like stylist of director of the equipment that install check Zhao Chonghui says to the reporter. 25 places radar and photoelectricity become the 2 courtyards that Zhao Chonghui is in to have technical advantage like exploration domain, photoelectricity product applies already extensively at shooting range to measure, ocean executes the law, how to prevent the domain such as fire prevention of monitoring, forest, get of the user general reputably. Through deepness butt joint, zhao Chonghui and staff system evaluated existing security system. They discover, with the personnel that uses generally at present the system that install check is exemple, basic it is flaw-detecting apparatus of X ray article + the metal installs check gate + the means implementation that the member that install check holds a metal to explore a club installs check. This system advantage is much line defense line distributings, security is higher, but weakness is very apparent also, personnel passes time on average longer, efficiency is low, and be held as a result of the member that install check explore a club to require close-fitting inspection, often appear privacy issue. Have a kind of kind that install check, can the member that need not install check already is close-fitting examination, can you discover dangerous article accurately again? Researcher thought of millimeter wave. At that time, they are grinding send a millimeter wave to measure pluvial radar equipment, OK at fight a drought of irrigation works flood prevention applying. “ technology is OK migratory, we threw research and development instantly. ” Zhao Chonghui says. Without electromagnetism radiate one second face about finishs the Zhao Chonghui that install check to say, millimeter wave is the electromagnetic wave with a kind of shorter wavelengh, compare a long wave, have measure precision wider, information transmits taller, bandwidth richer wait for an advantage. Nowadays, mobile applied the 5G that our country is building in the round extensively millimeter wave technology. Installing check domain, millimeter wave equipment basically is divided active with passive type two technologies course. Former it is equipment launchs millimeter wave actively to arrive on the person that is examined and article, the signal that accepts reflection to come back next undertakes analytic checking. In recent years, scanning became the human body that is based on this technology to had been formed like the system that install check commercialize a product. And latter is the signal of radiation millimeter wave that passivity receives human body, article to re北京大兴高米店spalease, the characteristic that uses object radiate character to differ tries to distinguish. 2012, zhao Chonghui and work in the same placing the first 北京亦庄情趣酒店millimeter wave of research and de密云各大ktvvelopment installs check equipment “ to give furnace ” . Say strictly, this is prototype of a principle, basically use at principle of technology of test and verify, evaluate applied feasibility, it is more mature at that time to was used active millimeter wave detects technology. “ does not pass, the rate signing up for a fault that we discover it is a bit high still, must try to improve, additional active the weakness that millimeter wave brings check technology is very apparent also. ” Zhao Chonghui tells a reporter, because be to emit millimeter wave actively, put in certain radiate so, although radiation dosage under a mobile phone. In fact, abroad objects active the cry that millimeter wave installs check equipment all the time very intense, we did not come to “ should put the market on the product for certain, must value the opinion of the user. ”Then, the researcher uses more safe passive type technology. “ software ourselves is written, the hardware ourselves with small part is machined in丰台成寿寺个人家庭式spa the workshop, day and night main assault fortified positions. ” Zhao Chonghui says, arrive at the beginning of 2014, millimeter wave of first passive type brings success of check equipment research and development, from go up at all solved empty shadow to sign up for a fault to lead high issue. Subsequently, the group makes persistent efforts, improved software algorithm, undertook optimizing to equipment appearance design. Already finished the 3rd generation to install the research and development of check product at present. In 25 one place lab, the reporter saw this covers passive type millimeter wave to become like the equipment that install check.海淀区个人家庭式按摩理疗 In it the platform installing check that front is a half rice square, back end is labour of monitoring of the staff member that install check, wait for equipment of indication screen. “ you are at ease, it won’t release any electromagnetic wave radiate. ” Zhao Chonghui laughs to the reporter, because used passive millimeter wave, do not have radiation absolutely, won’t endanger human body health. In the meantime, into fast like speed, one second can take two pictures, of everybody into do not exceed a second like time. Face of “ your upgrade stands, turn a body, finish install check. ”The reporter understands, if installation is in,this covers equipment public, of real passenger flow carrying efficiency will be double what use hand-held to install check equipment. Zhao Chonghui says, millimeter wave of this passive type becomes those who resemble the equipment that install check to bring check result first-rate also. Show through changing setting radiate message into gray scale image, use the characteristic with object radiate different character, distinguish from inside image different article, can detect the metal that human body carries and metalloid article, wait like explosive, drugs, firearms, cutting tool, CD hide matter, its identify range ambitious install the existing equipment installing check such as check door at the metal. We had done “ to check, resolution can reach centimeter of level, the danger of and so on of small fruit knife is tasted, do not escape to cross ’ of its ‘ piercing eye for certain. ”Small-sized and portable transform implementation although innovation is invented in the 13rd Beijing,agile cloth dot installs check the gold prize was won in the contest, but passive type millimeter wave is become like research and development of the equipment that install check not at this point go no further. Zhao Chonghui tells a reporter, at present equipment returns existence frame frequency inferior, volume is larger still wait for inadequacy. We are in “ to cooperate with the college, will install check to become change like video, make the video that is based on millimeter wave become like detector. To that moment, it is OK like speed to install check to become rea私人伴游交友网ch every second 40 pursue to 50, not only efficiency can promote, also conduce to discovery more concealment danger is tasted. ”Transform in equipment miniaturization on, prospective target is 1/9 what narrow bulk to now. Outfit of such an equipment that install check get stuck in the skin the car can be pulled in SUV car even, outfit can move on car of platelet of a hand push, frame rise to be able to be used, can realize agile cloth dot to install check. Civil product is final be to should move toward the market, passive type millimeter wave is become not exceptional also like the equipment that install check. The reporter understands, future is whole the route that the group will take double to achieve around this product. 25 double achieve a project to be in charge of Zhou Dongjie to tell a reporter, group of industry of family of spaceflight of China of have the aid of this big platform has popularizing, group of “ family industry has one a complete set of to support us the policy measure t商务伴游hat all subordinate unit develops innovation to do poineering work, give different capital and policy to encourage according to the characteristic of innovation achievement, poineering different level. ”Zhou Dongjie says to the reporter, if prospective product attains particular market scale, still can introduce outside capital, “ this respect, following the innovation of civilian battalion enterprise to do poineering work is same. ”The 13rd Beijing is linked to invent innovation contest to review an award of innovation of of all kinds invention related 230 reporters learn from Beijing invention association, share 1986 projects that come from 27 municipalities of countrywide that visit town to report a name to attend the 13rd Beijing to invent innovation contest through the net, accord with through examine and verify take part in the match conditional project amounts to 1554. The contest at the beginning of the course, intermediary heat, final, fair show wait for many link, choose award of innovation of of all kinds invention finally 230. According to introducing, current take part in the match in the project, 1022 have own intellectual property, occupy take part in the match entirely 66% of the project, some project hold count decathlon patent, some still has foreign patent. This shows great majority takes part in the match support of the people takes part in the match the unit has intense intellectual property to protect consciousness. In addition, current contest takes part in the match the project involves many technologies field, like material domain 19, electronic information field 257, advanced make with automation domain 509, domain of environmental protection of the sources of北京伴游私人联系方式 energy 133. Among them, advanced make the item with automation domain with of 32.75% occupy than be far ahead.


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