Not long ago, bureau of Beijing business affairs was released ” layout of space of facilities of line of business of Beijing business service plans ” (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) , business of this whole town is mentioned in layout blue print, will be in east, on the west, south, facilities of service line of business has the commerce such as north to be deficient in or live population quantity is mixed greatly the area that the key transforms demand, near future key fosters the CBD, Shi Jingshan, view that answer dragon, go in for sth in a large scale Xi Gong door and deputy center of the city that tell a state 5 section grade mart. Future expands demand as vicissitude of the market and city, section grade mart but proper trends adjusts change. According to ” plan ” requirement, section grade mart is collect shops integratedly, culture recreation, recreational the large and integrated mart that is an organic whole, influential in北京顺义区ktv招聘side whole town or area force, it is characteristic, certain to consuming a crowd to have to have draw action, main service at this area and ab extra consumer, cover bigger range, total construction dimensions is unfavorable be less than 500 thousand square metre. Look from the map, red gate area is located in on the west south 4 annulus and between 5 annulus, one of lines of mainstay of proximate north and south Beijing opens high speed, the circumstance that does not block a car up issues Xidan to need 30 minutes only. The subway goes in for sth in a large scale of the line enlightened, of look forward to of large brand room garrison, make this area chases gradual change to must flourish. Now, new airport is already formal complete, more be located in south the area of Xi Gong gate of the city brought new development opportunity. Future, how should be the commerce of this one area decorated? Does the dweller need what business establishment still have most? The reporter undertook relevant interview. Old resident aspirations hopes to increase lady of culture element chapter one had been in area of Xi Gong gate to live 78 years time, can saying is the rapid development that witnessed area of北京KTV荤场消费怎么样 Xi Gong gate. Among them, most those who let her forget hard is to luxuriant growth get together central practice. A day of December 2014, the consumer that upsurges enthusiasticly is in early in the cold wind of Beijing winter day since the platoon cue, await this shopping centers appear. Chapter lady remembers, opening ceremonially has element of euro of a lot of north, the giant of myth of inheritance north Europe is having dance merrily, waerdeneier of famous general of Swedish table tennis circles comes to practice spot and everybody to battle, 108 Dalama that share creative work by Beijing citizen also appear together. To a lot of people, beijing luxuriants growth get together central interior space and building model are very new, many people took camera to pat “ tourist to illuminate ” in shopping centers. Circumjacent consumer so enthusiastic, because be in,be luxuriant growth get together before central practice, circumjacent and only business establishment is very bored. Chapter lady tells a reporter, did not luxuriant growth before getting together all round it is a happy home, losing is content beautiful supermarket, one sells the clothes with 2, the amusement park that three-layer is a child and groom orgnaization. “ clothes is not very expensive, but big sign of it doesn’t matter, also do not h北京海淀昌平足浴按摩ave an activity, the style is older, also it doesn’t matter is delicious. ” that moment buys food is to go to 381 stations and the market of the home that promote the sea, return somebody to send the ground newly to buy directly. In chapter lady eye, those commercial establishment that are located in Huang Cun and Beijing’s top-ranking “ business encircles ” photograph to compare, too weak still, want to shop “ rambles a delighted ” , the closest also is the Xidan of ten kilometers above. In December 2014, grand female bazaar and luxuriant growth get together differ one day practice, chapter lady life is a lot of more convenient also. This two shopping centers take a supermarket oneself, hong Kun is always brightness, luxuriant growth getting togeth密云英伦国际ktv怎么样er is Ou Shang, food and clothing is bought with one station inside neat. 2019 new year’s day, chapter lady arrives from afternoon in the evening is to be in luxuriant growth get together shopping centers spends, the family is in bazaar “ is cruel walk along ” nearly 5 hours, play extremely. Regard the city austral Beijing as the first introduced shopping center, luxuriant growth get together the center can serve about 6.9 million circumjacent population. Shopping centers advocate hit “ one-stop shopping experience ” , have 400 business door in all, include fashionable brand, close a hunderd schools cinema of condition of line of business of famous meal, children, IMAX, large supermarket, KTV, bookshop, gym, having brand of close a hunderd schools among them is the first store that give opens in the city austral Beijing. Each of shopping centers created the mother baby room with all ready establishment, the adventure playground —— that still made contain teach Yu Le according to international standard luxuriants growth get together baby. Nevertheless, it is OK still that chapter lady feels red gate area is on the west when commercial position become more literate and a few richer. For instance here still need a service the gymnasium of justice of good, price, “ now with respect to Kunlun definitely alone big ” . And, the establishment such as house of bookshop, science and technology also is lacked south, “ south groom the orgnaization also rose a few this years more, but the house of science and technology of commonweal type ah, the library ah do not have ” , if can be in commercial position while considering these demand that is again good did not pass. Expert viewpoint is business the ground makes overall plans had done economy of interactive Beijing business to learn standing vice-chairman Lai Yang to express, “ period of 15 programs ” (2001 —2005 year) the commercial establishment that Beijing should develop to be given priority to with Shopping Mall certainly. Traffic of 4 annulus less than are excessive in those days assemble, but there still is pretty mart beyond 5 annulus, go in for sth in a large scale the obligate when planning gate area uses Xi Gong at expanding business. Luxuriant growth get together the position that shopping centers is in most beginning is content beauty is taken, make over flower case to block a group later (group of former appropriate home) . When Swedish group is undertaking designing, the proportion that discovers the meal inside shopping centers is particularly small, basically be appropriate home + general merchandise inn + supermarket + home appliance, the expert at that time should consider with respect to the proposal meal needs. Nowadays, consumer life character promoted, shopping centers should increase artistic and culture, relevant consumption setting and function, increase inn of a few lifestyle and fancy and amused consumption setting at the same time. Lai Yang also points out, in Xi Gong ga房山金立豪缘ktv电话te area has enough business the ground, besides now already of practice, still have obligate land, the proposal makes overall plans from whole, had done interactive. Here basically is the consumer that faces Beijing south area. The city has the residential area of a large number of high density south, this part consumer goes into town consumption is no-go, if take high speed,go into town to block a car up easily. Red gate area is an important node on the west, if be in place to be able to be satisfied south the shopping demand of city resident, that need not from south the city drives to go to Xidan. Luxuriant growth get together before shopping centers rises, the mart area of the city is in south more southward Huang Cun, but the habit of people is to go to the place that approachs city center to shop, is not to go to farther place to go. Beijing luxuriants growth get together when chief is accepting a reporter to interview related the center, also express, luxuriant growth to Beijing get together for central project itself, won’t have the plan that entity extends temporarily. But believe to luxuriant growth as Beijing get together center and all round of commercial system develop in coordination, whole piece the commercial establishment of the area and commercial atmosphere also can face more mature s北京洗浴桑拿房设备outhern part integrated mart develops. The integrated mart that the gov北京陪游女联系方法ernment plans to face urban southern part is in ” layout of space of facilities of line of business of Beijing business service plans ” (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) mention in blue print of position of trade of this whole town, red gate area makes progress the integrated mart that faces urban southern part on the west. This ” program ” point out clearly, urban south area is proximate area of capital function core, it is “ the hinterland of ” of one nucleus both wings, should build accord with fixed position of capital city strategy, city to serve character the commercial establishment of admirable, high quality, provide good shopping place for the dweller austral the city. The state of course of study that red gate area urges development on the west is mixed for city shopping centers synthesis of commerce of large and market of general merchandise inn, large household, integrated supermarket, unripe bright supermarket, community, brand interlinks convenience inn. Future, this area will rely on Xi Gong door piece capability of radiate of the development inside the area is stronger compound model establishment of business of the confluence that cross a boundary, collect brand of domestic and international commerce, emphasize development and piece what photograph of activity of region business affairs matchs is medium high end retail, meal and recreational recreation site, development becomes the integrated mart that faces urban southern part. Besides area of Xi Gong gate, whole south the commerce of the city also changes in what producing change with each passing day. Be in yesterday, base of new letter of Hong Kong landed thumb produces made Fang Zhuang area head home is one-stop square of new city of ——NTP of shopping synthesis of high quality life begins. T石景山北京大公馆按摩he shopping centers of this new start business is located in south Beijing group of trade of 2 link square bank, can receive refute subway 14 5 date, lines, project total floor area 20 thousand much square metre, by underground one is comprised with on the ground 4, more than 130 brand is entered halt, have the Ecco, Geox, Kipling many international brands that enter Fang Zhuang first already among them, the tide tea that also the nowadays such as tea of Nai snow の is heated up greatly tastes inn. Operation just hopes to make here into the new foothold that this area character consumes.


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