The ornament of civilian constellation small courtyard with white wall made of baked clay ash is in layer hill r石景山sm小不点ows of mountains, fall in set off of green hill greenery more show simple but elegant. Inside the courtyard, bluestone is spread road surface is led to antediluvian the guest room that still reserves, vegetable plot of a few ridge in a field plants backyard full fresh vegetable; Outside the courtyard, the vegetable plot of all over the mountains and plains bursts forth a verdancy, of row upon row of old curtilage in succession overhaul is changed new colour ……This is one part was born last year Beijing was in charge of one look forward to of enterprise “ in May the civilian constellation that essence of one village ” allows to support deficient new pattern, this is one once the low income village with famed far and near. The summer at the beginning of last year, 51 state-owend enterprises and village of 54 low income sign a knot to support agreement to the side, beijing country endowment company and clear water of area of door head channel press down knot of Liang Jiazhuang village to be opposite. Passed 1 year only, bridge home Zhuang Cun realized “ of low income village to pick cap ” recently, this year 82 low income door, implementation of population of 137 people low income is stabilized low. The burgeoning high end in the village civilian constellation industry, aiding villager of village of place of business of the home that turn roof beam to be on happy road. Civilian constellation greeted guest villager income to turn over times Beijing the city zone to already joined the height of summer, will be located in the bridge home Zhuang Cun of remote mountains, cool hill wind blow on the face and come. Walk into unused the civilian constellation compound that often transforms curtilage, wind-bell sound pleasant to hear, 3 chamberlain are busying to do each corners of the courtyard. This two courtyards run “ two months ahead of schedule, m延庆河边ktv电话号码ix on the weekend now holiday repletion! ” Beijing country endowment company place belongs to boreal division to build a group to accredit skin of Li Jianjun of controller of project of bridge home Zhuang Bangfu to be basked in Hei Gong, mention these two small courtyards, he always raises a voice, agitato and guest are introducing its old practice. Sunshine comes in fully from window of wide be born door, room layout observes and study delicate warmth; Inside capacious kitchen and sitting room, the Chinese style furniture of elegant of primitive simplicity is displayed among them. These two civilian constellation have the name of a rich poetic flavour, one calls “ to watch ” of the house that see hill, another calls room of hill of “ dwell concealed ” . The village still has 15 courtyards to be about to finish overhaul, 17 civilian constellation will be in integral investment will try operation August, drive the 19 people in the village to stabilize obtain employment, income increases continuously顺义石门ktv. The product such as asparagus of vegetable of the Na Guoli that the villager cultivates, zoology, high mountain tea, hig足疗按摩海淀区西苑h mountain also will be placed into civilian constellation to be on sale, opened make money low new channel. Say ‘ low ’ feels he is low really before “ person directly, steady now work sends our door the mouth! Zhang Jianmei of chamberlain of ” civilian constellation is one of this 19 people. Had this job, her income broke up not only times, money goes to school for the child, still can take care of the home better in. Next, she and additionally two chamberlain train an apprentice even, drive more villager to be stabilized low. Eat coal no longer unused did farming room become money bag to be in low before what does Liang Jiazhuang villager eat? Ask about the villager, one looks frank cling to the man that meet is tricky: “ coal. ”This borders the village of the scene area such as Long Menjian, clever hill, did not know how to rely on a scenery to earn money in the past. Build in boreal division before garrisoning, the village is happy without a farmhouse still, more do not carry civilian constellation even high-end civilian lodged for the night. Just received the job that with Liang Jiazhuang village knot is opposite, boreal division builds group project group to established campstool to enter a village, knowledge lets them however the bottom did not have in the heart: Once whole village economy basically relies on exploitation coal, colliery and aquaculture cannot last, the youth goes into town worked, can the village still develop what? Experienced development to make an on-the-spot investigation, the side helps new thinking up to make everybody bottom times angrier add —— to be built with the party to lead, with the industr北京海淀按摩快餐y the side is helped up, obtain employment side is helped up, culture side is helped up, capital gang is helped up, brand side is helped up begin low work for dominant, support civilian old job drives aricultural course of study to develop. The state-owend enterprise does a side to help up be about genuinely and sincerely. Beijing country endowment the company plans Zhuang Cun of indrawn bridge home 3 years money of contributory be apt to adds up to 4 million yuan, boreal division builds group and village collective economy organization signs full-scale development operation this village high end the project cooperation agreement of civilian constellation, village collective is occupied than 51% share operation result. Do not need the village and villager to draw out one cent money, boreal division establishs the development operation that assumes 顺义荤场子civilian constellation industry entirely and financing mission. “ we had made the strength that cites whole system fight of the assault fortified positions that take off deficient, with the industry the side is helped up for dominant, zhuang Cun of help bridge home is stabilized low, walk up become rich road. ” Beijing country endowment Yue Peng of secretary of company Party committee, president says. It is better to be begin a side to help up, boreal division builds a group to be noted technically endowment held water to take off small band to help Zhuang Chuangyi of home of bridge of Beijing of platform company —— up limited company of country house culture, head period project of civilian constellation industry gets 20 years to use right of administration. Unused the ” of bag of new “ money that farming room became the villager, still added post of 90 many obtain employment, the help realizes “ one person obtain employment, the family takes off low ” . Pick cap party to build ahead of schedule lead small band to help “ up to pass project series these days the platoon is checked, implementation of 37 low income villagers stabilizes the village finally low, we shift to平谷云端ktv晚上多少钱 an earlier date pick off of half an year the cap of ’ of village of ‘ low income! Xiao Haiqing of secretary of Party branch of village of place of business of ” bridge home is radiant with joy. As high-quality goods civilian constellation is about to open business, more villager will come to new post of civilian constellation and aricultural, harvest considerable income, stability takes off low later period end to also will come true. “ state-owend enterprise will help help up, village industry takes work at a draught, the common people of every family is very satisfactory! ” his deep feeling. In village Party branch, beijing country endowment the 海口私人伴游company is contributory formal before ” of “ July 1 complete casts a demonstrative center of Party member activity that aid of 1 million yuan of party membership dues builds with, dang Jianxuan passes room, village history to exhibit the everything needed is ready such as room of room, Party member activity. The “ of Party branch of much home unit does not forget first heart, remember mission ” theme well to teach an activity to will choose to come to here, the village more and more the person of flourishing enrages can be expected soon. According to introducing, demonstrative center of Party member activity will become area of door head channel to take off small band to help working communication platform up, lead the advanced concept that city belongs to unit party to build the job and experience way into the village, the management standard that promotes the villager is mixed low the confidence that become rich. The dorp with long already sleep deeply is waked up eventually, coruscate new student life. Stability is taken off low hind, the villager people will walk up broader become rich road.


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