On July 5 morning, be in Beijing east 5 annulus and wide horn of southwest of canal road crossing, formal consign uses a terminal of half underground rubbish th桑拿天打三个数字at can allow about a hundred tons of rubbish, replaced what caboodle returns to be here before half an year to heft 339 tons rubbish hill. Such rubbish terminal, sunny a rural area will build 17, 2019, 14 have not a rural area that the city turns will leave entirely outdoor rubbish terminal, in the meantime, whole area 280 rubbish building is upgrading transform, will finish 2020, among them half the number大兴绿地c座10层楼spa is located in urban district. These upgrading measure general carries as soon as possible for life rubbish give residential area to provide more reliable safeguard. 19 markets native place already began rubbish classification to set an example an area found begin rubbish classification, need is in of rubbish put in, collect, carry, handle 4 link to be advanced in coordination. Be in the white-collar home village that is located in countryside of inn of tall tablet of sunny division the eastpart part, from 2019 since the beginning of the year new put in intelligent rubbish to classify equipment, an integral can be swept to exchange goods when the dweller puts the life on rubbish, installed big rubbish to put in a dot, still延庆区中医按摩 added two compost case, the active fertilizer of generation offers a resident freely. Sunny area rubbish classifies demonstrative job to be in Beijing pace is faster, at present already 19 markets native place begins rubbish classification to set an example an area found, involve dweller village 1055, social unit makes an appointment with 3600, dweller 774 thousand, about 2.01 million person. 2019, 43 markets native place will realize whole area rubbish classification sets an example an area is whole enclothe. 1 to sunny cent gave hutch beyond rubbish in May the main index that nearly nineteen thousand four hundred tons of rubbish classify, it is hutch more than rubbish assigns a rate. 2019 1 to May, sunny area divides a hutch beyond rubbish in all nearly nineteen thousand four hundred tons (day all 128 tons, hold whole town 21.3% ) , the standard receives rubbish of carry eat hutch more than tons 53 thousand (day all 352 tons, hold whole town 21.2% ) , hutch beyond rubbish and eat hutch rubbish collect an amount not only relatively the corresponding period had last year promote considerably, and occupy in whole town than the biggest. As we have learned, classification of Beijing active rubbish sets an example the cent of hutch beyond rubbish of an area gives rate target is 5% , sunny area raises the price of the commodities 8% . Up to now, classification of sunny area rubbish amounts to mark pilot village is close 1000. The area of garden of industry of economy of loop of sunny area green that is located in Gao Antun, existing Gao Antun burns cleanness of power plant, rising sun burns center two rubbish burn factory, still eat hutch rubbish handles factory and sanitation to fill bury, in addition, building litter resource is changed use center and plant of big rubbish processing to also be thrown in the near future房山大董村足浴 move. [does classification put in] rubbish not does dweller of be born guiding time calm dot puts “ on you see our village there is a mosquito? The mosquito is particularly much before, hit classification to be done not have later. ”7 month 5 days morning, loosen in interest 5 areas, year Ms. Chen of nearly 7 a period of ten days tells a reporter, oneself should issue a building to send rubbish 9 times everyday now, it is to had been divided kind. Oneself daughter and granddaughter of 6 years old know how rubbish is classified. In the village, have ” of hut of 3 “ green strong and pervasive fragrance. Hutch beyond rubbish and pull coal tub, useless old newspaper easily to wait can reclaim content, can take here, handle hypostatic card or download APP, integral changes articles for daily use. Rubbish of 1 kilogram of hutch beyond accumulates 1 kilogram of 2 cent, useless old newspaper to accumulate 200 10 cent, integral convert 15 yuan, exchangeable bumf, wash one’s hands the articles for da私人会所ily use such as fluid. The reporter signs up for the number that gives Ms. Chen in hut of green strong and pervasive fragrance, fish her integral is 592.6 minutes. Staff member introduction, can change 410 minutes raise toilet paper, a lot of things had been changed for certain before Ms. Chen. Strong pine 5 areas have 26 buildings, the dweller is close 1200, day all produces rubbish of of all kinds life nearly 5 tons. Be in early 2011, strong pine 5 areas begin pilot rubbish classification. Dweller of the last few years is participated in rate amount to 7 into above, the hutch beyond rubbish of the village divides a rate to also come by 5% former litres 20% . Powerful loose street and relevant chief introduces, this are street and active the dweller that participates in rubbish classification amounts to more than 35 thousand, rubbish classifies witting rate to achieve 95% , participate in rate for 60% , the dweller is registered rate for 55% , hutch beyond rubbish divides a rate to amount to 10% . More villages just start. The white-collar home village that is located in road of north of tall tablet inn in all 7 buildings, living move more than 800 dweller, it is enterprise white-collar more. Enter a village, the intelligent rubbish with bright-coloured color classifies equipment to appear marked all the more, this equipment wait according to plastic, metal, paper, plastic bottle, glass reclaim category cent takes those who weigh heavy function to reclaim for 4 each box, after the dweller is piled up through sweeping 2 dimension or brushing a face, according to the clew on screen investment can reclaim after rubbish, but automatic settle accounts is integral, the dweller changes articles for daily use by right of integral. Relevant controller introduces the village, rose 2019, the village carries out “ Internet in the round + rubbish classification ” reclaims, put in intelligent rubbish to classify equipment, the setting is big rubbish puts in dot and compost box, the active fertilizer of generation offers a resident freely. The village still conducts an activity through be inside nursery school and village, drive a dweller to throw rubbish classification, at present already 105 participate in rubbish classification. “ this unused open space also is used, deposit big rubbish that falls into disuse in dweller home temporarily. Relevant controller introduces ” community, dweller home is medium before “ the big thing everywhere such as the sofa that fall into disuse, mattess, chest is put, to the dweller pass through to be affected really not small, this time concentration is deposited, appear much neater. ”2019 before the end of the year, white-collar home village still times implementation guiding dweller calm dot puts in rubbish, cancel the ash-bin inside community, community rubbish Qing Dynasty carries the car times calm check and accept carries rubbish, accomplish rubbish not be born. Good to be done further rubbish classifies the job, sunny area established life rubbish to manage special job to head a group 2017, at the same time authoritative orgnaization establishs a task inside U.N. only class, research life rubbish is special administrative job is relevant policy, measure. 2017 area appoint special subject research, came on stage ” the executive opinion that raises level of management of life rubbish standard about perfecting life rubbish to run a system ” , ” special government action plans rubbish of sunny area life (2018-2020 year) ” wait for relevant file, to area under administration life rubbish receives pattern of system of carry, processing, management and renewable resources to reclaim the system reframes waited for the job to have detailed program, classification of good to be done in the round rubbish sets an example an area found the job to do good system safeguard. [rubbish controls use] rubbish building will realize gage and fountainhead but the rubbish terminal that consign uses date from on July 5 morning, be located in countryside of tall tablet inn. Sunny area is the central the city zone with capital the largest area, the rubbish that a few villages produce often because carry distance,distant, traffic is embraced wait for a reason to cannot get seasonable Qing Dynasty to carry. Before terminal construction, time of the distance that the other rubbish of area of tall tablet inn carries to the rising sun garden of circular economy industry is handled and clear carry car queueing up is in 3 hours above, after terminal building, the rubbish of the area half hour less than can carry to terminal, ensured periphery each village rubbish is seasonable clear carry. Sunny area city is in charge of appoint relevant controller introduces, every terminal has case of 5 rubbish have a change of luck, volume of case of every have a change of luck is 25 stere, dimensions of have a change of luck is 100 tons / day. Terminal uses half underground pattern, deploy fall a confusion of voices, deodorization, prevent the environmental protection facility such as ooze, avoid to produce pollution 2 times, use plasma technology to handle peculiar smell at the same time, collect through negative pressure, realize peculiar smell of antiseptic disinfection, dispel, ooze drop fluid also is alone after collecting, smoke carry to handle establishment processing to ooze drop fluid. It is before half an year, here or rubbish dump of an open air put a drop, one hefts 339 tons rubbish hill. Relevant controller introduces center of sunny area environmental sanitation, after rubbish carries terminal, be to be deposited temporarily only, await height of escape traffic time and far end period of time of height of car of carry of Qing Dynasty of rubbish processing plant queueing up, undertake carriage again, promoted clear carry efficiency greatly, at the same time we hold to according to compress, the airtight, principle that weighs heavy, environmental protection undertakes administrative. Current, 10 rubbish terminal already was built finish, enter equipment to debug level. Besides rubbish terminal, sunny area still is built have 280 rubbish building, assume collect task of have a change of luck, at present more than 100 are being transformed. It is south dypass of double Jing Qiaodong, have building of rubbish of an airtight type, service strong pine and double well two 11 street large community, 8 apartment complexes and 4 rubbish of business store unit are collected, task of have a change of luck, rubbish of life of use of average and daily Qing Dynasty 28 tons, hutch beyond rubbish 5 tons. After course of this rubbish building is transformed, configure classification of 3 lives rubbish to reduce facility, among them dustbin of “ other ” (gray) 2, “ hutch dustbin of more than ” (green) 1, implementation rubbish classification is collected, classification carries a function. Still installed inside the building high frequency read card implement, when the car that ships rubbish enters rubbish building, the system can read the label news that takes installation to go up in car automatically, identify information of rubbish origin main body, combinative rubbish collects what install on pedestal of ministry of one’s store of valuables to say to weigh sensor, but automatic rubbish weight classify in the account information of this main body, implementation rubbish gage and fountainhead but date from. On July 5 morning 11 when make, tall master drives carriage car of a rubbish comes to a dining-room with strong wayside pine, two case the eat hutch rubbish of 120 litres of outfit assembles a car. He set out more at 6 o’clock from the morning, had shipped before this the eat hutch rubbish of 6 dining-room, because rain, his lose time dot. These inn include hemp hot very hot, roast duck, chaffy dish. 7 units altogether has 339 pails of rubbish, collect end, the eat hutch rubbish that economic industry garden circulates toward sunny area green before he drives handles a works. Sunny area city is in charge of appoint relevant controller introduces, the classification of r北京海淀昌平足浴按摩ubbish fountainhead is particularly important, in because be in,carrying a process, won’t undertake classified waiting handling to rubbish again. [rubbish is handled] heart of pitch on of big rubbish cent already handled big rubbish about 2000 tons 2018, rubbish of hutch of Gao Antun eat handles a factory to upgrade to transform a project to finish and move formally in the round, upgrade content includes pretreatment system, deodorization system, sewage disposal system, fire extinguishing system to wait, item day handles ability to amount to 400 tons. On July 5, inside the workshop, the staff member tells a reporter, 3 product line run this plant everyday about 16 hours, can handle 320 tons of eat hutch rubbish of the left and right sides everyday at present. Fill from original and onefold rubbish bury start, area of garden of industry of sunny loop economy is progressively conformity is filled for collect bury, biochemistry, burn, litter resource is changed wait for all sorts of means to circulate at the green of an organic whole area of economic industry garden. Walk into garden area, green of eyeful of road both sides, gymnastical footpath and gymnastical appliance attract around dweller to come round to lie fallow. In the plant area that looks like recreational park in this, collecting Gao Antun to burn cleanness of power plant, r北京桑拿板厂家直销ising sun burns resource of litter of plant of processing of rubbish of hutch of center, Gao Antun eat, building is changed use center, Gaoan collect sanitation is filled bury field. Among them, the Gao Antun rubbish with the largest scale of processing of Asian single track burns power plant building 2008, design day handles ability 1600 tons. Built 2016 and throw use sunny cleanness to burn center, design day handles life rubbish 1800 tons, cleanness of the country that be labelled burns only case, its flue gas discharges a standard Home Yan Yuguo and Beijing place standard, and European Union of partial index excel 2000 tons standard. Two factories handled rubbish in all 2018 1.34 million tons, generate electricity 530 million degrees. Gao Antun sanitation is filled bury a storage capacity 8.92 million stere, design day handles ability 1000 tons. Was 2008 inside countrywide limits most realized full-court film to enclothe first, implementation gave birth to rubbish formerly 2011 0 fill bury. Useless old goods and materials reclaims the center covers an area of a face to accumulate 113 mus, divide through artificial sorting miscellaneous, and efficient bale the raw material of the equipment renewable resources that finish changes the job. Cent is cut for cent of scrap iron and steel bale sorting of line, waste paper bales line, useless plastic sorting bales line and useless glass machine cent to choose a route. Sunny area early puts forward “ front to tear open change – in end is handled – the concept that back end uses ” , be in Sun He, east area of and other places of 18 lis of dam, inn builds 8 part temporarily resource changes processing facilities, innovation sex ground uses “ temporarily establishment + resource of rubbish of building of fixed establishment ” is changed deal with mode, make build rubbish nearby, fast processing, year processing capability achieves ten million ton class. Up to now, manage of coexist of 8 office facilities builds rubbish more than tons 600, product of manufacturing second birth makes an appointment with 4.9 million tons. Wait for difficult problem of big waste disposal in the light of ark of sofa, coat, mattess, sunny area installed 357 part are large rubbish to collect a place in whole area, solving the village is old rubbish to huddle while chaos puts an issue, undertake renewable resources reclaims use. Rose in March 2019, heart of pitch on of cent of what the day of garden of industry of sunny loop economy handles ability to amount to 50 tons is big rubbish begins to try move, already handled big rubbish to make an appointment with 2000 tons at present. Among them, the wood chip that cent singles out can make charcoal, activated carbon, compound board, metal but melt down makes car fittings, implementation natural resources is the greatest change a loop to use. Each market native place can be signed with center of area environmental sanitation paid service contract, establish professional carriage team by center of area environmental sanitation, carry big rubbish that collects a place choose a center to cent, every car pays cost about 700 yuan. In addition, each market native place returns sunny ar房山个人推拿按摩ea can sign with company of big rubbish processing deal with contract, construction on the spot handles equipment. For example, strong pine is street, already built stage country day to handle ability respectively 10 tons on the spot handles equipment.


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