East the city zone is stable the door is street came expert of a lot of each domains, discuss old city and in the protection of axes scene. Wang Jinming does not arrive oneself please, sit in the corner. He does not want to let off such opportunity. He 63 years old is the host of showroom of old thing of a capital, he hopes to be old thing people seek a better home, become 大兴区的ktv有哪些a prettier museum. Showroom accommodated articles for daily use of alley of many 2000 old Beijing. In folk-custom scholar eye, these trifling civilian life article continued memory of civilian society history, fill reductive “ city remembers the government the blank of ” . But in 179 museum of Beijing, showroom of this exclusive living old thing on a list of names posted up anonymous, little person make inquires. “ this is most the mu延庆哪里有按摩seum of ‘ big ’”Get on for afternoon at 5 o’clock. Soon conference drawing near ends, wang Jinming still is done not have when the opportunity of the speech. 北京石景山女士家里按摩服务He does not sit, episode requests to stay 3 minutes to him. He wants to say his notion before the expert. He says, scene of the axes in restoring cannot rely on money, modern method solely, also cannot rely on to write a book solely. Dweller of the axes in wanting to be written with objective gives birth to vivid history, how does the people of both sides of the axes in appearing come over alive. Wang Jinming’s showroom is in traditional Beijing city of axes most boreal end, the armour of small bell alley below belfry foot 4. Toward north 1 kilometer lived stable door, gave Beijing city. According to textual research of Li Hui of local folk-custom investigator, this already was medium the alley area of the last aborigines inhabit a region on axes, god-given ground in store is not little in the past alley life scene. Showroom 40 square metre, wang Jinming was on duty one day in the past every weekend, at ordinary times the gate tightens a lock, visiting need makes an appointment. Taking the door is one imitates siheyun a screen wall facing the gate of a house lie between block content, indoor light is dark, most inside placing a desk, old fashioned square table for eight people, chair, be placed in the middle sneaks away old fashioned square table for eight people is mosaic a long table, placing phone of teacup of a few kettle, dial, two side establish a move in chess or a movement in wushu glass reveals ark. But collect in great quantities article flooded the outline with original furniture: Jug has nearly 20, enclothe the partition board that does not tell what time to each present period; from late Qing Dynasty to go up, hanging backside of doll of ” of Fu Wa of;“ of a pair of sandals is a few guitar, the box type recorder that appears tremendous two nowadays ever was the life mark content of reforming and opening, fold put on wooden ark, look tumbledown. Old thing over or across arrived 1900 1970 around, estimation of king gold inscription has many 2000. Great majority article has exited the life: The vintage iron electric iron that the top of officers and soldiers of shoe of cloth of lotus of 3 inches of gold, quiet day wears each Hua Ling, time (need is in groove child in mount charcoal) , still have a lot of average person has not guessed thing to give utility, include one cycle the Chinese percussion instruments that each industry itinerant peddler peddles. Great of king gold inscription says, this is one most the museum of “ big ” . “ big 北京市丰台区男士私人spa会所” , it is the range that points to the life and width, because showroom collects the articles for daily use that is alley dweller, it is “ China tradition culture is in folk reflect ” . However, up to 2018 end, beijing shares 179 museum. Wang Jinming’s showroom, do not list in its. Old thing makes what the person remembers those “ die exquisite”Somebody makes an appointment come in when looking around, wang Jinming can hit on two bottles of hot water beforehand, with kettle make tea “ Gao Mei ” receives a visitor. This kettle also is the old thing of old age, was seen by Li Hui way to do sth. Li Hui of 65 years old studies Beijing history already had 20 old, the member that editor of soldier, website, data should pass before she is emeritus, librarian, in a heap of musty old books or papers that drop back getting enters Beijing history inside. She and person write in collaboration with pass the book about big boom, the last few years, wrote a nearly 130 thousand word again about in the book of axes culture stalks of grain. Kettle the whole body is dispersed translucent white spot. Li Hui says, these regard an illuminative as white spot, be when making semifinished product already hollow out, go up completely with glair besmear, burn come out to submit translucent form. She thinks to be able to peep an old times from which the pursuit that people lives to happiness. There also is similar product now, but be sincere actually, later period uses colour add details to a painting and just become. The chopstick that she still noticed oily be soiled of stale of a remain basket. Between the component need not gooey, nail, even need not mortise and tenon, rely on special “ Lu Ban to buckle ” to be fastened together however, structural choiceness interesting. Ling Lihui remembered these old thing a few already of die exquisite. Her grandfather eats caraway not to eat leaf to take staff only, mom goes out to want to change a pretty clothes every time, change next cloth shoes that wear in the home, take leather shoes brush, wash facial do up one’s hair afresh. Dusk of Chun Xia season, butcher is carrying a large bamboo or wicker basket to sell Bai Lan the flower, two or 3 a pair, circuit is placed outside head day. Female people goes from siheyun, buy on a few to not be before the bosom, line of blue commoners skirt is worn white is petaline. That is her in memory about old Beijing most the picture of poetics picture meaning. Look in Li Hui, bright and civilized ” reflects “ to go up in these detail. These “ thing do not pass 100 years, we cannot have seen between the life, also won’t use in the future. But the characteristic of Beijing culture, capital is common the art that common people lives, very old rate is expressed namely the detail of life article is medium now. ”Wang Jinming collects the original intention of old thing, the culture that is inheritance backside and old put in order. He says to there is respect in old thing. In the past the life of alley is very quiet, itinerant peddler peddles and not loud, end sound continous is long and rising and falling, this is quiet to alley dweller the esteem of the life. The person of the same trade meets to also can keep silent mouth, go far to just continue to peddle, this is the esteem between the person of the same trade. There still is inheritance in old thing. Two metals mould synthesizes cake of bake in a pan of a pair of “ child ” , there is goldfish in the mould, put aside among above round, close, heat is baked on fire, ripe. The child says to there is cake of about the same electric bake in a pan in him home, wang Jinming says with respect to take advantage of an opportunity, these things develop step by step, grandma of the ancestors that is you, grandfather passes wisdom and labor innovation, just had current life next, should be thankful so forefathers. Senile “ collects 55 years old of Wang Jinming with round the youngest ” to be opposite the attention of old thing only then 2001 the Spring Festival. Allow to reside when appoint he what meet a director, begin in successive years making head of road junction north ” of temple fair of alley of alley organization “ , neighbor people knock do the yangko dance of gong feel uncertain together. Wang Jinming still encourages everybody to take out the old thing previously, place, turn one’s head is old. As old Beijing the city zone is transformed later, new way of life comes, large quantities of old thing are cast in back, wang Jinming and group associate collect them rise, become showroom to conceal tasted rich source. This group is comprised by ten old Peking Man, it is old people almost, most elder is near 80 years old, 55 the youngest years old, be willing to join without the youth. They still have a bigger Tibet to taste a library, be located in Ping Gu, tibet is tasted amount to 3389. Small group member has each each collect direction: “ uncle ” collects paper, ancient uncle ” collects “ to take the place of from Qing Dynasty up to now iron sheet toy, ” of “ small plum favores electric equipment, ” of “ Wang Ge receives a bicycle only, a dragon brother is collected twice miscellaneous. Wang Jinming collects firearm before this, igneous sickle, match, lighter. Collect direction to differ not only, the concept of each one is disparate also, the word that uses Wang Jinming says, because love,have a plenty of, have a plenty of to appreciate. They meet those who nod old Beijing peddle more or less cry out, because of this the mainest collective activity, around peddle spread out: The field costar such as the temple fair on on holidays goes out, still entered bigger arena, in old people “ spring modern drama of great theater of late ” , country, Hunan is defended inspect " every day up " wait for cry out of old Beijing of the performance on the program. In these programs, ” of contraband of carry secretly of their meeting “ , conveniently reveals a few old thing, the old Beijing that forms a “ to be a foundation in order to collect peddles performance ” . The activity that comes from a government is invited about also amount to is not little, on holidays can go the section celebrates the act on the activity. 2019 before the Spring Festival, the old brother of the group engineered Taiwan to swim together, plane from Hong Kong a favourable turn, plan the first month of the lunar year 14 set out. The twelfth month of the lunar year 28, a familiar person in the government makes a telephone call to him, ask him to organize program of a festival of lanterns, the first month of the lunar year 15 in show of bell drum-tower square. Wang Jinming a person stays achieved a performance, the program is gross with respect to 5 minutes, he puts on coat child, carrying sugarcoated haws on a stick on the back, sang the words of a ballad of a paragraph of congratulatory festival of lanterns that oneself design. Unlike museum more find other and similar old Beijing thing very hard to show a location really like storehouse Beijing. Alley of distance small bell outside 3 kilometers east 4 areas, alley of the Beijing that be regarded as is the earliest also be to have representative area most, some closer year opened two alley museum: Historian alley museum and east 4 alley museum. 4 alley museum is the scope of operation that an old house and mirror, glass comprises jointly east, interior design is big also measure ground confluence is contemporary and artistic, the device of art of arc stainless steel that is as high as 3 meters from the over or across in sky two compound, the implied meaning &r顺义ktv价格表dquo; of shadow of a “ month; Most in enter yard in the middle of, putting a diameter ball of nearly 1 meter stainless steel metal, the surface is engraving 28 constellation, name “ star day ” , with echo of ” of “ month shadow. House of Dong Sibo content is exhibited through video, newsreel, model, picture wait for a form, as far as possible the alley history with the richest emersion, but historical objective is very few. Beijing is exclusive and formal ” of named “ folk-custom museum is located in the Dong Yue temple outside sunny door, do not be a mission in order to reproduce microcosmic old Beijing life. Numerous audience hall basically uses Yue Miao east consecrate Taoism celestial being, in a few main exhibition halls, two exhibitions are holding in June: Cultural relic of Beijing a horizontal inscribed board is exhibited and carry midday culture to exhibit. A duty of museum of Beijing’s most important capital of urban museum —— , collect a city to remember namely. Head Huang Xueyin of rich deputy curator says, head rich also is collecting life goods ceaselessly, the life article of old Beijing collects some to already became a system, still have sex of a lot of systems not strong. In this respect, folk is collected have very strong dominant position. But, wang Jinming’s showroom not “ resembles ” a true museum. Ground of Fan Laiyou call a spade a spade says community resident, this more resembling is a storehouse, li Hui also says these old thing “ are placed is wasteful ” here. Wang Jinming hopes the fund that obtains a government and field support. In fact he also got a few, this showroom is street offer. Open to the outside world formally on July 22, 2008, wang Jinming names this one incident for “ old thing has the home ” , opening eve of duration Beijing Olympic Games, this showroom also gained the attention of a lot of media. But he returns expectation more. In Wang Jinming “ in the imagination of the boldest ” , need at least 4 courtyards to bear the weight of these old thing, differentiate by the times: The first phase is late Qing Dynasty comes 1949, basically reveal late Qing Dynasty and; of life of the Republic of China the 2nd phase is to came 1949 1966, 17 years of; of new China the 3rd phase is ”; of “ the Great Cultural Revolution the 4th phase is reforming and opening 30 years later. In the period that winds outfit of “ of old thing classify ” to differ. The block program group that survey comes to in front of him has offerred this tentative plan, but without later development. In that old city the protection of scene of the axes in mixing is discussed on the meeting, wang Jinming still is pricked by “ ” two. The moderator says, before you we are not experts, with respect to you be an expert. Smiling face responds to Wang Jinming: You scold “ me, I also love to listen, you say I am good, I love to listen more. ”This year on June 14, community organized the expert seminar about old thing showroom again, invite east the group of some college of committee member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of the city zone and Beijing, study the development issue of showroom. Wang Jinming expects to be able to get guidance and support at the same time, but also not be very hopeful in the heart. He meets this kind of time again those who take out old Peking Man is open-minded strong come. “ can stand fast one day is a day, use up meager strength to be done hard. ” as to his individual, “ has pension life, enough. ”The group pays close attention to only collect do not know classification and illuminate not only it is field, from collect, arrange, reveal etc for each respect, museum of space of old thing showroom also differs very far. Be in a rich deputy curator Huang Xueyin looks, this is folk collects the global problem that face. “ folk collects some to be done very well, but because the condition is finite, arranging, illuminate respect raises taller requirement hard. What instantly needs to had been done most is to protect Tibet to taste. ”11 years ago, when showroom just was opened, wang Jinming tastes Tibet divide roughly use house ” for “ food clothing 5 respects, classify, had not updated up to now. Add newly collect taste cram each corners of showroom and aperture, cheated dirt subsequently. The word that uses Li Hui says, the baby in the house is very much, but whole group is only dedicated collect, do not know classification and illuminate, do not say to give cause and effect. The good thing pick up that she says to want a “ bits and pieces comes ” , comb systematic knowledge next, very fresh ground introduction gives later generations, ability is allow old thing collect had effect truly. But Wang Jinming is not self-confident to his culture administrative levels. Eve of graduation of his high school goes Fujian was become arms, after coming back, in the taxi the company did ten years, run a plant then. His literacy knowledge, it is experience of life, elder imparts, consult the synthesis of data and imagination. What I say “ is not certain often hang in; of his mouth edge to ” he still says he does not have so great ability, accomplish where to calculate. These year, wang Jinming was taking old thing to walk out of showroom, made a lot of presentations. The Chinese percussion instruments that he is taking a batch of itinerant peddler goes nursery school, middle and primary school, the calls out head, doctor hand bell of artisan of have one’s head shaved, watchman’s clapper that sells sesame oil, “ that sells rouge soaked noodles made from beans or sweet potatoes calls out charming woman ”…… each give out different sound, children feel amused. Some Chinese percussion instruments and peddle can undertake alternately, but some itinerant peddler never peddle, use Chinese percussion instruments only, this is capital “ 8 not language ” : Sell shoe of duster, pedicure, stitch the sole to the upper, geld pig, curium bowl, practise medicine, have one’s head shaved and stick fan 8 kinds of profession are unfavorable peddle, represented the regulation of society of old age traffic. He tells children, this is the custom in old thing. Consider to oneself the “ popularization ” that go out explains, wang Jinming is not perfect and satisfactory. He hopes to be able to get more professional expert or group coach, comb these thing the chapter, make up for intellectual gaps and omissions. Nevertheless, folk-custom of professor of Beijing Normal University, China learns vice-chairman 10 thousand in building, think this is ” of “ too modest. The person that he says to be used actually is the most familiar to article, be good at having the apt, expression that reach the designated position with civilian language, to the illuminate of the life, they have right to speak most. Memory of culture of “ Beijing history is the Imperial Palace, Tian An Men not only, also include the manner that the citizen lives daily, appeal, viewpoint of value. ” 10 thousand in building, say, but civilian gives birth to work history to did not get some attention answering before, of daily life reveal approximately blank. More person is devoted into nowadays among them, should give due respect to these jobs, those who raise these people is famous spend and social class, in the protection that brings into immaterial culture bequest even. “ government should give policy support like treating museum, also need social appeal and help. ”Fill the blank that the government collects to civilian life article is in this one’s own little world in small bell alley, wang Jinming got more comfort. Once, wait to early in the morning of old husband and wife in showroom doorway, wang Jinming arrived to ask them into the door later. Take the door, old gentleman is pointing to thing begins to be told to Wang Jinming, in spirits, very familiar with sth. Tell tired, sit to rest, the old lady asks: “ king master, ca门头沟按摩n we come every day? Come you this we every month can save money of drug of more than 2000 money. Old before gentleman got ” to break recall disease, arrive here will live with respect to “ ” , so happy that need not take medicine. The citizen delivers actively collect article. 2016, a citizen that lives in abundant stage drives deliver a vintage typewriter, allegedly ancestors hands down. Wang Jinming asks he receives how many fund appropriate, this citizen does not receive fund one minute, do not want oily money, also do not have a meal, just hope showroom keeps well. Wang Jinming is patting chest to assure: Won’t flow into the market absolutely. His memory succeeds mediumly, the truth of the culture that is an old thing and backside travels and apply at current society, “ squeezes ’ of world of this ‘ money a bit, allow ‘ condition world ’ is some more. ”Come the audience that showroom visits wrote down many leaving a message, among them back of inscription of gold of a king gets fluently: Come a few when develop in economic high speed years, many what we get after all? Avulsion culture, lost wisdom, it is the jewellery that we also cannot search again. This and king gold inscription are opposite in the heart the sentiment of days happens to have the same view former days. This word can cause “ really I am too big thought over, material lives on some kind of meaning great and rich, but lost stuff is too much, a lot of person does not know. ”It is outside the affection of the for old time’s sake of old Peking Man, the 10 thousand historical culture value that in building, still pointed out this showroom is distinc顺义麦乐汇ktv价格表tive. As a result of trifling and scattered, the government lives to folk of article collect finite, and civilian personage fill the blank of this one domain, make urban culture memory more complete, social history remembers “ continuance civilian, rely on civilian society itself, this is the character of historical culture inheritance. &rdq昆明高级会所uo;Wang Jinming, Li Hui reachs his to take the place of together person, the keepsake ” to these “ former days especially sentient. They look at these things to be brought up as a child, witness “ of this kind of life to be destroyed again later ” , up-to-date disappear completely. This is the generation person that is running to be brought up on the city wall of Beijing. Be this generation person, saw with one’s own eyes was witnessed on 60 time big limits tears open the century city wall, in participating in its even. In one’s childhood, it everybody did not feel Lou Zi has those city gate is much better that everybody did not feel Lou Zi has those city gates. After-thought rises later, mind wails.


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