An original program of underground of 2 a building, buildings is village of rich dragon home bicycle library, be built by development business however 14 bedrooms house, the person that buy a house hit partition hind to rent. Tenement ever was executed the law personnel Qing Dynasty goes, but after this, group hire a phenomenon “ resurgence ” . On July 5 afternoon, bridge of channel of Lu of abundant stage area is street agency walks along living personnel Qing Dynasty lawfully. Han Xiao of solicitor of office of Beijing Kang Da’s attorney expresses, the dweller can counterpoise through litigant dimension, subterranean resident by lawfully after Qing Dynasty goes, basement should restore its utility by original program. Basement is lain between hire outside many rooms be located in road of small station of abundant stage district village of 2 Bo Long home, build 2004, developing business is course of study of buy of Beijing rich dragon finite liability company. Inside the village, all housing all are commodity house. Owner Ke Tao (alias) entered this village 2004. He tells a reporter, when buying a house in those days, the staff member ever represented development business, village former 4 buildings (show a building) , former花丽都ktv(石景山店)地址 3 buildings (show 2 buildings) underground is bicycle library, but enter up to now, he did not see two have bicycle library downstairs, be built however basement. Many village owner says, 2006, they discover the room is in a building, 2 underground to rent external in succession. Owner article peak (alias) say, according to course of study appoint the circumstance that can master, two buildings basement in all 14 flatlet, the person that cent belongs to 8 to buy a house is all. This 14 flatlet are lain between in succession for nearly 70 rooms, “ area is commonly 56 smooth rice, greatly ten make the same score rice ” . The dweller ever was mirrorred to property company, but the property company ignore at that time, this phenomenon is long-standing. Wen Feng ever had arrived basement. He sees tenement uses gas canister to cook. Illicit the crisscross of electrical wiring freely that pull, and did not see the fire control equipment such as fire extinguisher. Because “ does not have garage of subterranean proper motion, owner people the bicycle can stop in road surface only. The tenement of basement returns optional on village greenbelt air to bask in the dress, bed sheet. Basement occupy so much person, also brought public security hidden trouble to the village. ” Wen Feng says. Appear again after punish group lease circumstance village estate appoint the confirm of photocopy of licence of project of this village construction that can offer Ke Tao’s view, and program intent shows, by of two buildings, still plan to have garage entrance ramp. Another ” joint hearing of Beijing program committee member designs program advice note to stalk of grain surely (living building) ” , department village owner passes information to apply for publicly to obtain from program branch. This file shows, village form a complete set is communal in floor area, include subterranean garage, proper motion garage in all 15104.9 square metre. The reporter retrieves discovery, government-owned net shows Beijing program and rich committee, substation of stage of this appoint abundant ever said with respect to this matter answer this year in April, the garage of subterranean proper motion of two afore-mentioned buildings already had a part to cut off when examine and approve, when the program is checked and accept, increased a part to cut off again. But, two buildings did not deal with the relevant program procedures that changes use character. Publish a report according to media, in November 2017, the much branch such as street agency and bureau of canal of house of abundant stage region, public security combines Lu channel bridge execute the law, basement of 2 a building that reflects to the dweller, buildings undertakes discharging checking, clear retreated basement tenement. But many owner expresses, after this punish, basement room was not demolished, sequel has tenement to be entered again, group hire a phenomenon to appear again. They nowadays accuse begging is, the proper motion garage that restores the subterranean space of these two buildings to be original program. Crisscross of electrical wiring of basement of seek by inquiry is put in safe hidden trouble on July 1, reporter seek by inquiry sees, basement of the hack outside be being pointed to to be opposite two place enter the mouth, lock of two green iron gate. Nobody are respondent after knocking, among them inside a door, transmit blast blast the dog barks. Among them on a door, sticking a piece to build bridge of channel of management board of abundant stage building, Lu of street office chapter ” inform a book ” . ” inform a book ” show, come since June 20 on June 26, basement living personnel must be moved by oneself from, the person that exceed the time limit is not moved, “ causes all losses and relevant law responsibility to should be assumed by the individual. ”In 2 buildings a 3 unit, building the basement of 2 unit enters the mouth, stick likewise have afore-mentioned announcement book. Reporter discovery, these basement entrances are in, the crisscross of electrical wiring freely with differ degree of finish, outspread to basement inside. Plastic skin canal already fell off outside some electrical wiring, electrical wiring is bare and outer. A controller of village property company expresses, they try to be communicated with basement resident for many times, but after knocking, often unmanned and respondent. “ our Ceng Jin is had been to, basement within does not have石景山个人保健按摩 fire extinguisher material, put in hidden danger of fire control safety. And after entry point installs iron gate, encounter emergency, personnel is very difficult scattered. ”That day midday, be in a village a building the basement inside 2 unit, after the reporter knocks, one man opens the door, say oneself are tenement of owner and rather than, basement is its are bought, and have the contract that buy a house. Reporter range estimation discovers, there are 3 rooms at least inside its building. “ is hired took away in this person, now is myself is living. Hit partition as to my room, have nothing to do with with you. ”The reporter notices, outside 2 buildings, through basement the window can see, a balcony inside basement, crisscross of white cord freely, there are clothes tree, dress and towel above. Balcony wall, hanging the cooking appliance such as boiler, shovel, ladle, chopping block. Be being pointed to to violate compasses live the person’s basement is other the balcony, can see the clothin西安找陪游g and other articles of daily use that air basks in likewise. Business of response department development disobeys a program to build already again Qing Dynasty walks along tenement this year January, the street agency of Lu channel bridge that place of village of rich dragon home belongs to, ever replied with respect to this matter village dweller. A when village dweller offers those who build this street office rule ” the circumstance replies ” show, development business did not press program construction, build however for 14 bedrooms house, sell 8 people that b门头沟七号院ktvuy a house external. 8 person that buy a house all have the contract that buy a house, but without card of building property right. According to ” the circumstance replies ” , lu channel bridge is street ever coordinated the branch such as room canal, public security to execute the law jointly for many times, and on November 26, 2017, will hire personnel Qing Dynasty toktv丰台南粤园 go thoroughly. The near future, in receive owner about group hire a phenomenon of begin to crop up after informing against, they ever entered an examination, discover individual unit is inhabited. According to introducing, group hire a phenomenon to appear rebound, after because develop business,subterranean house building before this ju顺义北小营ktvst about, will sell an individual. And after village building, finite liability company already cancelled trade of buy of dragon of development business gain. Current, the some in basement is used at house-owner to live oneself; Some storehouse be regardinged as, although do not live person but personnel comes in and go out. In addition, still partial basement rents the personnel such as intermediary of cafeteria, building lives. A staff member represented office of government of space of underground of bureau of canal of house of abundant stage region recently, they ever executed the law to the spot, but after knocking, tenement rejects to open the door. He says, the room runs a department already paste announcement, inform tenement to move from. “ basement plans formerly is bicycle library, be not use at l延庆有足疗按摩吗iving. So, these tenement cannot live here. ”On July 5 afternoon, reporter from Lu channel bridge street agency understands, up to that day, all tenement already moved basement entirely from. After this punish, whether to restore subterranean space to be伴游是什么 original program? Be aimed at afore-mentioned problems, the reporter seeks advice from even recently Beijing program and rich committee for many times abundant stage substation, up to distribute news dispatches, have not achieve a return. Space of lawyer argument underground should restore Han Xiao of solicitor of office of Kang Da’s attorney of original program Beijing to express, according to relevant provision, after commodity house is opened to booking, development business does not get do sth without authorization to change program, design. Solid if needing to change, development business must approve program newspaper classics to examine and approve by first trial. Otherwise, do sth without authorization changes the development business of the program, the likelihood can be faced with corresponding administration punish. Affect town planning badly, be instructed possibly still to dismantle illegal structure. And basis ” commodity house rents administrative measure ” , development business does not get the partition flatlet that will violate original program rebuild to violate a building to be hired with Yu Qun namely, and ought to abide by relevant legal laws and regulations to set. Development business breaks the law group hire, the likelihood can be faced with corresponding administration punish, about the director the branch can instruct its deadline to correct lawfully, can penalize a fund. The person buy a house of subterranean bedroom, whether can you live inside basement oneself? Han Xiao expresses, the partition flatlet that develops business to disobey original program to rebuild belongs to illegal building, meeting faces the administration that is demolished to wait lawfully to punish. And because be illegal building, cannot obtain building droit letter so, cannot deal with estate to register, also cannot appear on the market normally trade be on the move. Accordingly, these illegal architectural vendee ought to be moved in time from. But can the contract buying a house of basis and development business, to development business holds responsibility of breach of contract. The reporter retrieves discovery, ” project of Beijing people air defence and common basement safety use administrative method ” the 7th also sets, prohibit be program use the subterranean space that is not living utility to be used at living. Han Xiao suggests, village owner can be adopted complain, inform against, the means thought such as lawsuit fors the time being, be like to lodge a complaint, the principle is the accused with developing business, if develop business to had been cancelled, can develop business partner, initiator contributive perhaps and factitious the accused, ask its press garage of proper motion of contract agreement consign, undertake responsibility of breach of contract. Han Xiao still says, according to ” town planning law ” , resident by lawfully after Qing Dynasty goes, basement should restore its utility by original program, prevent to break the law group hire.


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